Gametize Academy

Gametize X TJC WOW! Program 2024

Gametize Academy Team

In January of 2024, we once again had the privilege of welcoming students from Temasek Junior College (TJC) as part of their WOW! Program attachment.

This year, we had the pleasure to host three students – Colby, Ethan, and Joel. As we transition to a hybrid work model, we convene in the office weekly and conduct most of our check-ins virtually.

Ethan, Joel, Colby

Over the 4 weeks, they were tasked to create 2 projects using our Gametize platform, and write 2 articles detailing the inspiration behind the game and reflections. Stay tuned for their articles on the topics such as Cyberbullying, ADHD, and Cyber Addiction. In the meantime, check our their games here:

ADHD: Puzzle of the Restless Mind

Ever wondered why some people can’t sit still, have trouble concentrating, or even just avoiding doing stuff completely? Well, here in this game, you can find out more about the disorder that may be behind all this…

Cyber Addiction

In today’s hyper-connected world, where information can instantly be accessed and social connections are just a click away, a new kind of addiction has emerged: cyber addiction. Behind the allure of convenience and connectivity lies a deep-rooted concern for the detrimental effects of excessive screen time and the compulsive need to stay online.

Online Acts, Offline Consequences

In a world where everyone is always online in the digital world, does our actions in the virtual landscape really have an impact on the real world?

MindScape: Navigating the Labyrinth of Mental Well-being

Welcome to the intricate and complex realm of mental well-being; a labyrinth of emotions, thoughts, and experiences that shape our daily lives. Within this labyrinth lies the treasure trove of wisdom and strategies that can help us navigate the challenges we face.

Nuclear Power: Yay or Nay?

Are Nuclear Power Plants really that dangerous? Let’s find out!

The Story of the Roaring Dragons

Get to know more about esports players!

We also had the opportunity to bring them along with us to Science Centre Singapore for a client meeting, as well as involving them in our SMU x Gametize Hackathon 2024.

Finally… on their last day, we had them present their project as well as their article to our Head of Academy, Guan Heng, where they received valuable feedback. We also had a debrief with them together with our Gametize Academy Team. During the debrief, we got them to share their challenges, takeaways, as well as feedback for us during these 4 weeks.

We were also delighted to hear that this experience gave them a unique opportunity to step out of their usual comfort zone, and it challenged them to learn, grow and be adaptable.

As much as they had enjoyed their time here, we also had a great time mentoring them. Shine bright and all the best to Colby, Joel, and Ethan!