Gametize Platform

Gamify your campaigns on the Gametize platform with these tricks!

Challenge Types 201

Challenge Types 201 Welcome to Part 2 of the Challenge Types Guide. Having mastered the basic challenge types, continue below to master the rest of the challenges that will change the way you structure and develop your game!  Fixed Answer/Passcode Challenge A door unlock only upon inserting a specific key (or copies of it). A fixed answer …

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Leveling Up Achievements: Project-level Achievements

Leveling Up Engagement: Project-wide Achievements Since the birth of, Achievements could only be created within a single Topic. Many have asked, “Why can’t we have Achievement Rules that go beyond a single Topic?” and this got us thinking… Why indeed? After putting our thinking caps on and performing some code magic, we made the move …

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Game Analytics 201

Game Analytics 201 Other than the analytics found in the previous analytics guide, there are other useful data that can be found on the Gametize admin console. 1. Project Analytics View the Overall Statistics for your game by clicking on Project Analytics. There, you will be able to view the statistics of your game since …

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