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Case Study: FairPrice Finest Experience Hunt Consumer Engagement

FairPrice aims to increase foot traffic during the Finest Festival period and communicate lesser-known educational facts about our products and services.






Engagement Rate


Reward Redemption

About The Client

FairPrice, the largest supermarket chain in Singapore, offers a comprehensive range of grocery and household products, ensuring that all your needs are met. Their Finest stores provide a curated selection of exclusive and premium brands, catering to discerning shoppers. With over 200 outlets, FairPrice has become a household name in Singapore. In addition to carrying nearly the same variety of products across the different store formats, Their Finest stores also extend their range to include a curated selection of exclusive and gourmet brands catered to the discerning shopper. FairPrice Finest has 40 branches across Singapore.

Gametize FairPrice Case Study


  • Achieve 3000 participants in the Finest Hunt campaign: Engage many customers in the campaign activities.
  • Attain an engagement rate of 80%: Ensure that a significant majority of participants are actively engaged in the campaign activities.
  • Maintain overall customer engagement and interaction with the campaign activities over two weeks.

In-App Target Behaviours

  • Scan QR codes at every 8 stations and completed all 8 subsequent quiz challenges to earn points.
  • Input number codes to ensure users physically locate each and every station.
  • Redeem reward in-app and collect at the end of completing all 8 stations.

Real-World Target Behaviours

  • Visit all 8 stations in the FairPrice Finest stores.
  • Share their purchases or experiences around their family, friends or social media platform to increase word of mouth promotion.
  • Participate in store activities or events related to the campaign.

Target Emotions​

  • “I feel excited about discovering new promotions and earning points.”
  • “I feel motivated to visit more stations and complete challenges.”
  • “I feel satisfied and rewarded for my participation and purchases.”

The Solution: FairPrice Finest Hunt!

Encourage customers to explore FairPrice Finest stores by engaging them in the Finest Hunt! Customers scan QR codes at each of the 8 promotional stations and enter unique passcodes to unlock challenges and quizzes. Earn points by completing these challenges and quizzes, and unlock achievements to drive excitement and interaction with featured products. By completing all stations, they can redeem a cash voucher reward and enter a Lucky Draw to win grand prizes.

The numbers...

The expected number of users was 3,000 for the two weeks duration. At the end of the campaign, we had a whopping 5,197 players, almost double the number we anticipated! The total number of players who have fully completed the project is 3,267 players (62.86% approximately).


What went well?

Consistent engagement across all 8 stations
The campaign successfully maintained high levels of engagement across all 8 stations. Each station saw nearly uniform completion rates, with most topics seeing between 3,500 and 3,600 completions. Notably, the PREMIUM FRUITS station stood out with approximately 3,800 completions, indicating a higher interest or starting point for many participants.

High engagement rate
The campaign achieved its target engagement rate of 80%, with 88.29% of registered users participating in at least one or more stations.

Exceeded Participant Goal
The campaign exceeded the goal of 3000 participants, attracting a total of 5,197 players, and demonstrating strong interest and participation.

42% reward redemption
Out of all the users who have completed the campaign from start to end, 42% redeemed the reward which translated to direct sales.

Positive and valuable comments were received within the platform.
“Great game for all ages!” “Fun to learn stuff in FairPrice!”
“New Oreo Gluten Free Biscuit And New Chips Ahoy! with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Cookies”
“I can see Japanese food products n Netflix Popcorn”
“Great varieties”
“Have learn something about gluten intolerance.”
“A real personalised. Vacuum packed.”

Verdict? Gametized!

Overall FairPrice Finest was a resounding success!

  • 88% engagement rate is a very impressive outcome, surpassing our goal.
  • 3,267 players (62.86%) completed the challenges in their entirety – this exceeded our expected foot traffic of 3,000 players as a whole.
  • Over 1,351 players (41.35% out of players who completed all stations) purchased a promotional item and redeemed the cash voucher reward.
  • Multiple positive comments from users despite no requirement to comment on the challenges.