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Gamifying Virtual Team Building with Gametize

Kingsley Tan
Lead Project Manager, Co-Lead of Client Engagement


In today’s remote work environment, fostering a sense of community and teamwork can be challenging. That’s why we’ve leveraged our gamification platform to create “Virtual Team Building – Guess Who’s This?“, a game specifically designed to bring virtual teams closer together. Through this engaging and interactive experience, we aim to break down the barriers of digital communication and inject fun into the virtual workplace, using our own product as the cornerstone for team building.

How the Gamification Works

Before the Event

Participants are prompted to submit up to five personal facts using the Gametize platform’s Custom Form Challenge. This submission must be completed by a specified date, ensuring all the necessary information is gathered beforehand. This pre-event activity is key in gathering intriguing bits of information from each team member, setting the stage for the guessing game.

The host prepares a slides presentation using a simple template provided by Gametize. The host simply fills in the collected facts and corresponding photos into the template.

During the Event

Step 1: Presentation of Anonymous Facts

The host begins the event by presenting a set of anonymous facts about one participant using the prepared slides. These facts are revealed without disclosing who they belong to, setting the stage for the guessing game.

Step 2: Time-Limited Guessing

Participants are given one minute to ponder over the facts and make their guesses. Using the Gametize platform’s Prediction Challenge, they submit their guesses within this time frame, adding a thrilling and competitive edge to the game

Step 3: Sequential Unveiling

After the time is up for the first round of guessing, the host moves on to present the next set of facts about a different participant. This process is repeated until facts about all participants have been presented and guesses have been made for each.

Step 4: The Big Reveal

Once all the rounds are completed, the host reveals the identities of the participants along with their photos. This moment is often filled with surprises and laughter as assumptions are either confirmed or upended.

Step 5: Sharing Personal Stories

In the final segment of the game, each participant is given the opportunity to talk about their facts, providing context and backstory. This step allows team members to share personal anecdotes, fostering deeper connections and understanding among the team.


Gametize’s unique achievements and rewards system adds an extra layer of engagement to “Guess Who’s This?”. Participants earn the “Mystery Maven” achievement when they submit their own facts in the preparation phase, acknowledging their contribution to the game’s foundation.

As the game progresses, participants have the opportunity to unlock the “Fact Pioneer” achievement by making correct guesses. For each accurate guess, they can earn up to 100 points, making the game not only fun but also rewarding. This system of achievements and points creates a sense of accomplishment and encourages active participation throughout the event.


“Guess Who’s This?” by Gametize is more than just a game; it’s a strategic approach to building stronger, more connected virtual teams. By blending personal trivia with a competitive, gamified format, Gametize creates an environment where team members can engage, learn about each other, and have fun. This innovative approach to virtual team building is a testament to how gamification can transform mundane activities into exciting and memorable experiences. Whether it’s for team building, onboarding, or just a fun office activity, “Guess Who’s This?” demonstrates the power of gamification in bringing virtual teams closer together.