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Sustainability Series: ESGape - Hiring & Onboarding

Next up, we present “ESGape – Hiring & Onboarding”.  This project was created by the students during their SMU-X LTB 2023 module where they searched for a sustainable way to impart ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) knowledge and enable individuals to apply what they have learned effectively.

Their Problem Statement

Gap Analysis:

  • Many companies are looking to hire ESG talents, but are having trouble evaluating the skills of candidates.
  • There are many applicants for ESG roles, but they do not have the right skillset/knowledge.
  • Even after hiring ESG talents, companies are looking for ways to provide proper training.
  • There is a need to bridge the gap between companies and job seekers who share similar values and priorities.


Creating a seamless hiring process for companies looking for ESG talent, and providing a fun yet suitable onboarding process.


The goal is to provide companies with a seamless hiring and onboarding process for identifying ESG talents amongst the pool of candidates. we aim to assist companies in recruiting employees who are in line with the company’s goals and values, and who can contribute to their sustainability goals. 

Another goal is to impart ESG knowledge and promote self-learning to help individuals by providing them with onboarding training to sharpen and develop their ESG capabilities, and to put what they have learnt into practice.

Game Strategy

Story Line:

Navigating and embarking on an adventurous journey in the ESG forest and seeking to survive, build good relationships, and start your own village!

Be prepared to be equipped with ESG skills when you complete the whole adventure.


  • Hiring phase: The candidates will start with the Hiring phase, where they will be asked to do a MBTI personality test and learn basic knowledge about ESG. This process is important because it acts as a screening to find potential candidates for the company.
  • After completing the Hiring phase, they will be evaluated based on their performance and advance to the next Onboarding phase.
  • Onboarding phase: The candidates will be given 1 week to complete this section, where they are expected to learn more in-depth about ESG.
  •  Each section will focus on one ESG topic – Environment, Social, and Governance, with flashcards that bring them through the storyline with challenges/quests to complete.
  • Flashcards will be utilised to engage players, incorporating the storyline in the game. 
  • There are challenges which require players to work with their peer

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Credits: [AY2022/23] G3 Team 4 – Chai Shu Ping, Lim Zhi Yan Jasmine, Lu Biyue, S Praethamesh, Saieesh Vinod, Tan Zi Qing Jolie (Leader), Tay Hui Sin