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An application targeted to spread awareness about mental health, powered by Gametize.

A Brief Look into Mindfull

MindFull is an application meant to raise awareness on mental health wellness. It is community-driven, where users are allowed to interact with one another by sharing their stories and completing challenges on the app. Mindfull provides many topics where users can learn about the different disorders that are most commonly faced by Singaporeans, as well as resources for how to look for help and guidance if needed.

How do I use Mindfull?

Mindfull is split up into numerous books in order to easily guide your journey to learning about mental health.

The books are as follows:

1. Book One Introduction

  • This is an introduction to the Mindfull application.

2. Book Two Our Stories

  •  A platform for Singaporeans to write and share their own mental health experiences. This book is meant for people to express their hardships and difficulties while allowing others to read and learn from them.

3. Book Three Help Centers

  • This book acts as a collection of most of the help centers available in Singapore. Helps centers such as Samaritans of Singapore and safespace have been added to this book.

4. Book Four Academy

  • This book acts as a repository for players to educate themselves on the various mental illnesses.
  • Players can complete these topics by playing the individual challenges.

5. Book Five Social Media

  • This book acts as a resource where players can easily learn more about existing organisations in Singapore that actively work to combat the stigma against Mental Health

To learn more about how Mindfull started, do check out this blog.

Mindfull - Book list

Where to play Mindfull

Mindfull is only available on iOS and Android as a mobile application. They can be downloaded below.

Do note that you must create a Gametize account to log in to the application. You may do so via our landing page.