The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to Gametize

Gametize ( is the world’s simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform for community engagement and advocacy. Clients use Gametize to motivate target behaviours for various purposes, such as in employees training/performance management, or consumer marketing/sales advocacy. The highly customizable and versatile solution is available on both cloud and on-premises.

Anyone can create a white-label web/mobile campaign in just 5 minutes, leveraging Gametize’s key gamification mechanics (interactive challenges, automated feedbacks, competition and socializing, and rewards redemption), coupled with their own narratives and theme. Users can complete these fun, social challenges such as answering a trivia, post a photo, and later receive feedbacks such as points, badges, before redeeming prizes such as “lunch with a celebrity” in the rewards store.

Gametize is trusted by brands from various industries such as Shell, P&G, DBS Bank, and Accenture, totalling 15 million challenge completions and more than 300,000 registered users. Gametize has been endorsed by academics and research companies in reports or case studies, such as Bond University, San Jose State University, and Forrester. Gametize was also selected as Singapore’s 20 hottest startups in 2015 by Singapore Business Review magazine, and IBM SmartCamp (ASEAN) People’s Choice Winner in 2013. 

Gametize is designed with a strong focus on gamification, because it is a proven strategy for motivating behaviors and learning backed by case studies (e.g. Delta Airlines, Microsoft). A pilot case study in Singapore Management University shows that 80% of the students want to see more games powered by Gametize after undergoing a gametized experience for learning Leadership and Teambuilding.

Gametize's Video Demo and Media Kit

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GetSmart English App:
Space Runner App
Gametize Platform Demo:

Case Studies

The Space Runner (Bank L&D):
GameLead (Education) :
Unilever: House Of Lux (B2C):
Robo G (Telco Recruitment):

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Gametize 5D Framework & Scorecard:
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Template Projects on
Events (Generic):
bonus: see live game at

Marketing (B2C):
Advocacy (B2C):

Recruitment (HR – Full-time Jobs):
Recruitment (HR – Internship):
Onboarding (HR):

L&D (Law):
L&D (Sales):
L&D (Cybersecurity):

Innovation Management (Internal) –

Field Trip (Education):
Fitness (Just For Fun!):

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Showcase Apps/Projects
Gourmet Grammar, by Mark Schreiber:
The Charisma Game, by Eric Feng:
GetSmart English College, by Sally Gopi Dadlani:

Selfiely, by Gametize: 
Player Type Assessment, by Gametize:
TriviaUp (Trivia Game), by Gametize:
Gametization Assessment, by Gametize:

Japan Project (Tourism), by Gametize: 
Amazing Food Race (Tourism), by Gametize:

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Demo Projects powered by
FUEL, for Work Life Balance:
* bonus: see demo video:

Learning Pathways:
* s
ee demo video:

Enterprise #50LearningDays:
The Bank Apprentice:

Reseller Engagement : 
Advocacy for Consumers, Electronics:
Advocacy for Consumers, Skincare:
Advocacy for Consumers, Supplements:

The Onboarding Marathon:
Digital Transformation:
SafeSpace :

Tourism (Mural hunt:) 

Onboarding Landing page + Project for Manufacturing MNC:

Medical Screening Declaration:
Code of Conduct:
HR Declaration: Coming soon

Math Game:
Personality Quizzes:

Bug Bounty:
For Kids:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you prepare a proposal for us?
A: We practise a zero pitching policy, so we could focus on our existing clients. Though, depending on our bandwidth, we might be able to sneak in a mockup game for you during our coffee breaks. Do speak to your client engagement rep. to find out more. 

Q: Could you share more about your security and privacy policies?
A: While no web service platform can claim to be 100% secure, Gametize conducts regular internal assessments. Our platforms deployed in client’s sites have also undergone penetration tests. Our privacy policy can be found at, with GDPR as the fundamental principle policy.

Q: How much white-labeling/branding is possible on your native apps?
A: Our templates have certain layouts which enable a fast turnaround development time, while allowing certain branding options. Just ask for our Customizable Branding Guide or go to

Q: We really like your UX. Can you custom build an “Uber for Marshmallows” app?
A: Thank you, we love them too (and marshmallows as well). However, Gametize is not a dev house and our focus is on improving our enterprise-grade product constantly.

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