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Engagement Rate

About CPFB

The Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) is in charge of the Central Provident Fund (CPF), Singapore’s social security system that enables Singaporeans to have a secure retirement through lifelong income, healthcare financing, and home financing.

Working Singaporeans and their employers make monthly contributions to the CPF and these contributions go into three accounts: Ordinary, Special and MediSave accounts.

The Challenge

CPFB launched a CPF Volunteering (CPFV) programme in April 2021. It is an initiative that allows individuals to help others improve their understanding of CPF schemes and make informed decisions on the use of their CPF savings. CPFB wanted to tap on technologies and gamification elements to enrich CPF volunteers’ journey from registration to training and recognition. They have tried to engage volunteers through platforms such as using Google Classrooms. However, given the complexity of CPF schemes, volunteers found it difficult to explore the learning content by themselves.

Additionally, they wanted a platform that could allow them to have continuous engagement with their volunteers even when there are no ongoing events or activities. They also wanted a structured way for their volunteers to view and participate in their journeys as well as motivate them throughout to prevent any drop-offs. Finally, they felt that their volunteering journey was very manual and labour-intensive, and they hoped to automate the entire process — from capturing volunteers to updating content and also having easy engagement methods.

Objectives & Goals

CPFB hoped to create an application that provides an end-to-end solution which will be able to facilitate volunteer journeys effectively from registration, training, deployment, and recognition to service disengagement. They wanted to utilize gamification and game elements to motivate their volunteers as well as to enrich their experience and journey as a volunteer.

The following states their measurable goals for success:

  • 80% of volunteers complete orientation within 1 week of signing up for the application
  • 50% of volunteers to complete training within 1 month of signing up
  • 20% of volunteers to refer their first CPF transaction within 3 months of signing up

Application Rate:

  • 3 challenge completions per week per user
  • 80% of volunteers return to the app within 3 days of signing up
  • Daily active rate of 20%

Player Profile

The main target audience for the app will include the members of the public and audience growth methodology efforts will be focused on this group of users.

The Solution: CPFV

The main focus of the app was focused on “Paying It Forward” – their brand voice & tagline. The name of the app would be called CPFV (which stands for CPF Volunteering) with the tagline “Community Paying It Forward”. Using Gametize’s White-Labelling, we were able to adhere to the Brand Guidelines and use visual graphics and colours to simulate the relation to CPF.

Interactions & Challenges

CPF used Gametize’s Platform to create an engaging and fun learning process. This includes a variety of quizzes to help members learn more about CPF basics and plan their retirement with knowledge of the selected CPF schemes.

Different Types of challenges include:

1. Knowledge Check Quizzes

A series of quizzes are created for users to learn more about CPF and how it benefits and support members’ retirement planning.

2. Flashcards

Flashcards were utilized with a range of multimedia content to deliver information to users in a more interactive way. This includes videos, visuals, images and embedding of external websites.

3. Fill in the Blank Challenge

To ensure that users have understood and gone through the information in the CPFV app, fill in the blank challenge is created to test their understanding of the CPF schemes.

4. Custom Form Challenge

To get users to share their opinion/feedback on the CPFV app.
Example: Getting users to describe a memorable experience when sharing CPF information with others.

5. Locking Rule

Using the locking feature, CPFB was able to create a levelling effect such that users would have to complete the “Introduction to CPFV” topic to unlock the remaining topics.


1. Registration Page
  • Referrer Name
    • In-line validation to ensure user input is unique
    • If the input is not unique, an assistance message will suggest alternatives to the user
  • Password
  • Email Address
    • Email Verification
  • Mobile Number
    • SMS OTP Verification
  • Privacy Statement (Check-box)
  • Terms of Use (Check-box)
2. Profile Page 

Users can hide personal data by ticking the checkbox to make their information private to them only.

  • Referrer Name 
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Year of Birth
  • Gender (Male, Female, -)
  • Affiliation 
  • Spoken Language 1 
  • Spoken Language 2
  • Spoken Language 3
  • Notifications – User can receive email notifications on all activities related by checking the check-box.
  • Account Password
3. Pop-up Message

When volunteers click on the “?” icon, a pop-up message will appear to inform them what the field is used for.

4. Tour Screens

Tour Screens are shown upon the first login for new users. Existing users can access it again by clicking the Hamburger menu on the top left.
It helps to explain the purpose of the app and how players can fully utilize it quickly.

5. View My Journey

Users can click on View My Journey on their Profile page to gauge the impact they created on the CPF Volunteering (CPFV) application.

The Results


The CPF Volunteering (CPFV) application officially launched on 28 April 2021 in conjunction with the global Pay It Forward Day. Since the launch, the CPFV app has seen a total of 5,512 players in the project, 3,835 active players, 66,810 challenge completions, 23,664 votes and 21,264 comments.

The engagement rate was high at 68.76%, demonstrating the high level of volunteer engagement through the CPFV app. In addition to participating in the challenges, volunteers also gained knowledge about CPF schemes through various modes such as infographics, articles, and videos.

Volunteers were able to access information about the initiative easily due to the nature of it being available on Mobile Devices. Volunteers were also able to equip knowledge on CPF schemes in a fun and engaging way with the added feature of being able to interact with other volunteers on the app. A short survey was done to poll the CPFB team on their opinion of the project and one of the feedbacks was that the team found the Admin Dashboard useful, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section straightforward. Additionally, the app helps users to understand the CPF system better and how they can tap on the various CPF schemes to plan for their retirement.


The CPFB team felt that the data points available on the platform could be improved if it allowed the team to analyze specific volunteer data. The announcement feature could be improved to allow CPFB team to link the content to certain Flashcards or Challenges so that users can access them immediately after clicking on the announcement without having to search for the content in the app.

Moreover, the CPFB team felt that the interface and design could be improved to look less corporate and to provide a more refreshing appearance. There could also be improvements to the interface concerning the placement of content as well as changing the scrolling in the app to vertical scrolling as more users are accustomed to it. More functionality to entice users to return to the app could be added as well.


With Gametize, CPFB built a one-stop platform for distributing content and engaging volunteers. CPFB is satisfied with the Admin portal and finds the FAQs provided by Gametize easy to understand. Volunteers can register easily, access content, and engage with each other via the CPFV app.

With gamification mechanics such as interactive challenges, focus content, and points rewards, volunteers were motivated to continue their journey in the CPFV app and found the app easier to use in comparison to past manual processes.

Verdict? Gametized!


“The CPF Volunteering (CPFV) app has allowed us to engage our volunteers more effectively and gave structure to our volunteer management needs, which is essential to our growing pool of volunteers. The Gametize team is always ready to offer assistance and has been very helpful since day one, especially since it was our first venture in mobile application for volunteers.”