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Bank: Mission Digitization

A bank uses Gametize to make learning fun and engaging for frontline staff




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As banks move towards digital banking solutions to enhance the customer banking experience, educating frontline staff on digital banking becomes increasingly integral to ensuring excellent and consistent customer service.
Mission Digitization aimed to embark frontline staff on a quest to improve their product and customer service knowledge. With more than 960,00 completions made by 15,500 users over the project lifetime, this use case was successfully gamified.

The Solution: Mission Digitization

The Mission Digitization game aimed to motivate staff to learn more about the bank’s digital offerings. Using the Gametize platform brought learning to a whole new level with a gamified experience.
In the Mission Digitization game, staff were tasked to take on a series of missions in their quest to become a Digital Ambassador. By taking on a series of “missions” and accumulating as many points as possible, players could embark on a guided experience as they unlocked more challenges.
The missions were made harder as players only got one try to do the Challenges, incentivizing them to brush up on their knowledge to progress. Players could also earn badges during their quest, giving them an extra motivational boost.
E-learning became a community experience where players could chat with one another, cheer each other on, and work together – using the voting mechanism, staff were encouraged to vote for co-workers’ submissions. There was also a competitive element as bank branches were pitted against one another.
The platform also had a Notification and Activity Feed, so players could track activities on their completions as well as see the latest happenings and updates in the Mission Digitization game.

Verdict: Gametized!

Usage & Engagement

With Gametize, Mission Digitization successfully transformed a learning platform that gained enthusiastic staff thirsty for more knowledge. Significant results were achieved as staff became more motivated on top of the peer support cultivated between co-workers.
Through gamification, Mission Digitization drove people to check-in to do self-learning day after day.