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Loob Holding: Tealive

A one-stop shop platform to disseminate information & training materials to employees was designed with Gametize







About Tealive

Loob Holding Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) manages a diverse portfolio of food and beverages brands within both local and international markets. In 2017, Bryan Loo, the Chief Executive Officer of Loob Holding, launched Tealive with the vision of bringing joy to people’s life through tea. Since then, the brand has been expanding rapidly with more than 600 outlets within Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, United Kingdom and Australia.

The Challenge

After expanding the Tealive operations rapidly within and out of Malaysia, it became increasingly difficult to communicate quickly and efficiently to their employees. They wanted a better engagement solution that allowed them to share important information on a single platform to all employees efficiently and swiftly.
“We wanted the platform to serve as a reliable source of information.”

The Solution

Loob Holding secured the services of Gametize to create a white-label app, LOOBies, to create a learning platform for their employees, with the goal of encouraging their employees to be independent and proactive learners.The platform would periodically send information on new products, preparation methods, as well as host quizzes to test the employees knowledge. All outlet employees were required to use the app to be familiar with the latest SOPs and instructions from the management team and make any relevant changes in their stores if necessary.

Some key game mechanics used in the application include constant content, points, rewards, and interactive challenges, all of which ensured that employees were excited to complete challenges on the application. There were a multitude of different challenge types such as knowledge check quizzes, flashcard challenges, photo/video challenges, E-Newsletters, and more. Rewards were also available based on the number of points each player has gained. Some of the rewards consisted of food and drink vouchers and seasonal branded merchandise, such as Tealive’s hoodies.

The Results

Since the launch of their app in 2017, Loob Holding has seen a total of 2232 players, 135,796 challenge completions and 62,607 votes.
Gametize’s content management system allowed the Loob Holding team to easily and quickly make content changes and updates. This also simplified the process of localizing content to suit different markets and regions.

Verdict: Gametized!

Through Gametize, Loob Holding now has a single platform they can utilize for all sorts of functions to further the efficacy of operations.