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Updates to Ad-free limits and Fair Use Policy on

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Usage on has grown rapidly in the last few months and we are anticipating this to continue on an upward trend. To support that, we have been working hard to optimize the performance of our multi-tenanted SaaS solution, while balancing costs and pricing for our subscribers. 

And here are 2 key updates.

1) Updates to Ad-free limits on subscriptions, starting 14th June 2021

The changes are applicable to all Premium and Premium Plus plans, existing and new. 

This change is a result of careful deliberation – majority of the existing subscriptions still fall below the new limits and will continue to enjoy an ad-free experience. Staying true to our belief in preserving the gamification experience within our app, the ads at the moment are not what you typically see on websites or apps. Rather, they showcase our own curated Projects.

(A sneak peek at how the changes will look like on our pricing page)

2) Introducing Fair Use Policy

The Gametize Fair Use Policy, which takes immediate effect, outlines how Admins and Players can use in fair, reasonable, and considerate manners.

Technical limits will be implemented should there be excessive usage that goes beyond what’s recommended in the policy. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • When more than 5,000 players are accessing your project at the same time. 
  • Inviting players to your project by uploading a spreadsheet with 20,000 users into your Project

Do read our Fair Use Policy to learn more!

Now, answering some FAQs…

Q: Who will be impacted by the changes to the ad-free limit?

The new ad-free limits will affect all existing (i.e. created before 14 June 2021) and new subscriptions (i.e. created on and after 14 June 2021) on Premium and Premium Plus plans.

Existing Premium and Premium Plus plans will continue to enjoy a 100% ad-free experience till 14 June 2021. However, we would like to request you to observe Gametize’s Fair Use Policy.

Q: What if my existing subscription hits the new ad-free limit? 

If you are currently subscribed to the Premium Plan:

  • You can consider upgrading to the Premium Plus plan to continue to enjoy the ad-free experience. (a quick guide here on how to upgrade)
  • Check out a bunch of goodies that come with Premium Plus subscription.

If you intend to have more than 10,000 players with no ads in your Project:

Lastly, a reminder that the updates on the ad-free limits will be in effect on 14 June 2021. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, drop us a message at at any time!

Published on 5 June, 2021

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