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Gametize's Fair Use Policy (FUP)

What is the Fair Use Policy?
As part of Gametize’s commitment to providing a reliable service, Gametize has a Fair Use Policy (also referred to as the FUP) for its Software as a Service (SaaS) Products:

How can it benefit me?
The FUP contains guidelines to use in fair, reasonable and considerate manners. is a multi-tenanted SaaS solution. Through the FUP, we seek to ensure an optimal, as well as fair, user experience and support experience for all our customers.

Majority of our customers use considerately and their usage levels during peak hours will not impact the server’s performance drastically. However, a small number of customers may use the service requiring excessive utilizations that can affect service for others.

How can I ensure I am using fairly?
When Gametize detects high loads in your service usage or is made aware of possible high loads, we will contact you to discuss the situation and alternatives (e.g. Enterprise Plans with dedicated platforms, AWS Instances). In extreme cases, we may be required to limit the Service usage (e.g. limit the number of users). Examples of high load activities (but not limited to) or inappropriate activities are:

1. More than 5,000 users are invited by you and accessing your Project within a single moment.
2. Uploading a spreadsheet with 20,000 users into your Project

3. Inviting excessive number of users with invalid email addresses, or to users who do not wish to be contacted by our customers

4. Using automated solutions accessing or Gametize’s API every second

If a customer exceeds this FUP limits, Gametize reserves the right to restrict service or levy charges for excessive usage

Extenuating Circumstances

Gametize understands that customers will occasionally have very high volumes of traffic outside of normal usage patterns. In those cases where this traffic can be predicted, we would like to encourage our customers to inform Gametize with as much notice as possible to ensure that service delivery remains consistently high.