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Petrochemical Company: ChitChit

A leading petrochemical manufacturer creates a one-stop communication platform to boost employee interactions




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A leading petrochemical manufacturer worked with Gametize to create ChitChit as a one-stop communication and engagement app where employees could complete a variety of fun activities to build social engagement, hold events, participate in activities, and create lasting engagement.

The Challenge

The client, a leading oil and natural gas company and petrochemical manufacturer, wanted to address the issue of confusion and poor staff morale following a restructuring exercise where several employees were unclear about their role in the department.
The objective was to create a platform that employees could use to better understand the organization, discover new things about their fellow colleagues, drive conversations and department initiatives to create an environment where employees could feel recognized and rewarded for their achievements – all with the overarching objective to translate all these behaviors into better work efficiency and performance.

The Solution: ChitChit

ChitChit was initially designed as a means of boosting employee morale, and evolved into a one-stop platform for everything human resources related. This comprised of employee onboarding, to treasure hunts, to the facilitation of events (such as Dinner and Dances, CSRs, and so on). Players earned points for completing challenges, which could then be exchanged for rewards.

Game Content

Popular Topics, such as “What’s New” and “Who’s Who” focused on fostering employee interactions and encouraging water cooler talk, not just between current teammates but also new hires in the department, filled with many Photo Challenges for users to put a name to the faces. The Challenges also posed a great way for employees to take a break from work-related tasks and incentivise them to find out more about their colleagues’ hobbies and interests.
Other types of Topics included:

The Results

One of the primary aims of the ChitChit experience was to get colleagues to bond through conversations and activities. It can be a harrowing experience for some to initiate conversations with a random colleague, much less make a new hire feel welcomed in the organization! Hence, several of the challenges were curated with the intention of making it easier for individuals to take the first step.

Usage & Engagement

Boosted employee morale: Many good memories and pictures were shared on ChitChit, indicating that employees were genuinely interacting and documenting those experiences. Positive comments in response to this initiative were also received – some to express gratitude to peers for their guidance, and some to compliment them for the pleasurable working experience. 
Novel way of imparting technical knowledge to employees: The safety & compliance quizzes where employees saw a 98% completion rate, allowing users to test their knowledge on the latest health, safety, and compliance policies in addition to being able to obtain updates from the global team on health and safety policy changes easily.
Effective means of streamlining registration process for events: Several company events such as ChitChit’s CSR Day, and Pageant Night Gala Dinner had their registration process integrated into the app. Challenges for events were easy to create and implement as participants simply needed to fill in their names and user IDs as part of the challenge. This was seamless and highly convenient, and ChitChit also allowed feedback to be gathered via polls on the app, making everything easily accessible.

Verdict: Gametized!

Overall, the ChitChit experience proved that gamifying the employee journey was indeed the right call! ChitChit created a more enriching work environment by boosting interaction, understanding and goodwill among colleagues. This led to higher morale and satisfaction among the four teams, and offered greater clarity of what their tasks and roles were.