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Accelerate your game creation experience with Template Projects

Academy Lead
Keen eyes might’ve noticed a subtle addition to our menu – a Templates tab. We want to assure you this change is anything but minor, and we’re very proud to bring our Template Projects to the forefront.
Previously, our Template Projects were only visible for Admins who were already in the process of creating a Project and we realized this meant that a major part of our platform was quite hidden 😢 Template Projects are perfect for if you have a use case and objective to achieve using gamification and want to use Gametize, but don’t know where to begin – they’re been curated, tried, tested, and put through the wringer (among other metaphors).
We have the most common use cases – Onboarding? You got it. Events? Already done. Product Training? We have it – just change the product name to be yours!
All you need to do to get started is to browse through the Templates – you can preview as many as you’d like before you commit to one. After selecting a Template, you’ll then be directed to select which Plan you’d like for your Project. (P.S. or you can utilize our 7-day Premium Plan Free Trial, but you didn’t hear it from me 😉)

Ready to give our Template Projects a spin?

Published on 6 April, 2020