New Town Primary School: A Revisionary Quest

Gametize creates a gamified experience to make English revision more interesting, exciting, and easy







The Challenge

Engaging energetic and curious 9 – 10 year olds is no small feat, especially when it comes to the classroom.
To better engage these young students, the Gametize platform was utilised to produce The Revisionary Quest, an educational gamified experience to make English revision more interesting, exciting, and easy.

The Solution: The Revisionary Quest

The Revisionary Quest was made available on both web and mobile, to be played by students wherever, whenever!
A creative storyline with an evil monster to be ousted (written by one of the students) was integrated into the game, to give the students a goal to work towards.
A series of English revision questions, in the form of fun challenges, motivated the students to learn.
The students could unlock tools that would aid them in defeating the evil monsters. For example, the completion of four challenges would get them a cloak.
An Activity Feed allowed students to view submissions by their friends; voting for a submission would give the student who made the submission more points as well. A leaderboard let the students see who was in the lead, and it served to motivate them to beat the person in 1st place.

The Results: 42 students completed 24 challenges, with a total of 1004 submissions

More than 75% of the students wanted to continue Gametized lessons
When asked if they wanted to continue this method of learning, more than 75% of the class expressed enthusiasm.

The Verdict: Gametized!

Students felt that content introduced through challenges were interactive, interesting, and relevant to the theories learned in class. As a mobile platform, such content could also be accessed anytime at their convenience!

Overall, 97.3% of students recommended the use of GameLead for LTB in the future by the end of the semester.
“[What I found most useful] was the function that allows us to view your classmates’ answer and see multiple perspectives from different angles. Knowing how others think and openness to their experience is something that can enrich our learning experience."
A Group 1 Student
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