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CERTIVATE (Beta) is a Digital Credential Management solution that is simple, affordable, and yet powerful. You can issue downloadable digital credentials for individuals and businesses that can be verified on and, a blockchain platform (hence the credentials cannot be destroyed). Certivate is also integrated with Gametize Platform, which allows Gametize Creators to automate awarding of credentials based on the activities in the Gametize Experience.

Recipients can manage their credentials wallet at, such as social sharing and managing other 3rd-party credentials (verifiable or non-verifiable) in other platforms. To differentiate from an impressive list of incumbents, Certivate focuses on ease of usage for both issuers and recipient (individual and company), being cost-effective by minimizing bells and whistles, and finally adopts a collaboration-first strategy with other digital credential management solutions so recipients can consolidate various credentials into a single Certivate profile.

Certivate is currently in Beta testing and will be launched in Q3 2024
For more details, please see–BETA-Managing-Digital-Credentials-Powered-by-Certivate

For more Certivate details, you can take a look at the Media Kit below:

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