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Astro Playbook App [Beta]

What is Astro Playbook 2.0?


Astro Playbook 2.0 is currently in beta testing and we welcome you to download and try it out yourself. It is a brand new user interface and user experience based on all the feedback kindly provided to us by you, as well as a variety of exciting trends we’ve discovered along the way. It’s essentially a whole new gamification experience that will allow you to build and play projects in a more engaging way than ever before. 

How to play 2.0?

Gain knowledge and skills, attempt challenges and score points to be featured on the leaderboard and redeem rewards!

Link to download Beta App:


Project Home Screen

The project home screen displays the Project details, your progress and available points. 

  • Click on the Search icon to find Flashcards and Challenges by typing in keywords.
  • The Your Progress displays the current progress made by the player.
  • Click on your Avatar to view your profile.
  • Click on the expandable button on the bottom right to access the functions such as:
    •  The Rewards button shows the redeemable rewards made available. Use your points here.
    • The Leaderboard button showcases the current top players.
    • The Bookmark button allows users to view their saved content.

On your Profile, you can see the points you have accumulated and your challenge completions for this project.

From your Profile, you can click on the Account Settings button to make changes such as:

  • Uploading an image to your Avatar
  • Enable Notifications
  • Change your Password



From the Project Home Screen, click on the  icon to view your first topic. 

Within each Topic, you will find Flashcards and Challenges for a fun learning experience!

  • Essentially Flashcards are content cards where players can view but are not able to interact with the information.
  • Challenges are interactive content for players to display their knowledge and test out their skills. Completing challenges allow you to earn points too.

Click on the  icon to access the contents in the topic.

You can earn points by completing Challenges, using the knowledge you have gained from the Flashcards!

Flashcard and Challenges


Scroll through the Leaderboard to find the top-ranking players!

What are you waiting for? Download the Astro Playbook app now and complete those challenges to earn your place on the leaderboard!

Switch Experience to access other Projects that are available on Astro Playbook App!

Return to Project Home Screen and click on the Project Icon on the top left. Select Switch Experience from the side navigation menu to return to Project List Page.

Switching Experience


For other enquiries, you can read more at the Gametize community page or email to our ninjas at