Keith: Lead of Business Group, Client Engagement

Keith Ng (@keizng) co-founded Gametize (with his best friend Damon Widjaja, and later Brenda Nicole Tan), a gamification platform to motivate behaviors through challenges and rewards such as in recruitment, learning & development, marketing and  community advocacy. Gametize won funding in a reality TV show (Angels’ gate), the People’s Vote in IBM’s Asean Smartcamp 2013, and most recently SBR’s 2015 20 hottest startups in Singapore. Today, the platform is powering fun for more than 300,000 users totally over 15 million challenge completions.

Keith was nominated as one of the most influential people in gamification globally by Gamification Summit (2014), as well as the top 100 gamification innovator/consultant by Sparkah. He designed Gametize’s gamification design framework, and speaks on gamification globally, including Gamification Summit in San Francisco, HR Congress in Manila, and Loyalty Summit, in Mumbai. His interests are in using game thinking and positive psychology to solve engagement problems, and designing extremely simple user experience for people to get hooked. Motivation theories and frameworks entrigues him as much as learning about management and scaling methodologies

Prior to co-founding Gametize, Keith coded/sold a MLM software at 18, completed his BBM (Finance) and BSc (Information System) on a DFS Scholarship, in Singapore Management University, ending his final semester on exchange in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium studying arts and the Flemish language. His “Richard Bartle’s Player Type” would be Explorer and Achiever; he lives for his Tuesday evening futsal games, and plays Counter-Strike and the Rubik’s cube sometimes (which he struggles immensely with).

Probably irrelevant to you. My Bucket Playlist:

  1. Play the piano
  2. Fly a plane
  3. Master ballroom dancing
  4. Complete a marathon
  5. Ride a Harley
  6. Be a pasta chef
  7. Work for someone awesome
  8. Direct a short movie
  9. Cook the perfect steak and retire as a vegan
  10. Back to being a full-time coder

Definitely irrelevant. 5 random facts about myself:

1) I type only with mainly 2 fingers (2 middle ones), supported sometimes by my 4th fingers
2) I have phobias for deep waters, MRT gantries, fish and chip, and tequila.
3) I have caught dengue, mumps, measles, caffeine poisoning, sustained head injuries resulting in concussions, but still not met chicken pox yet.
4) I can operate the bronco (known as warthog in UK’s military), an armoured vehicle that can swim too. Which is crazy fun.
5) I can bend my fingers in very disgusting ways. Ask me to show you.

And if you are still reading at this point…

It might also interest you that we make about 30,000 decisions on average everyday, and should you decide to contact me:

Key Dates:

– Nothing at the moment, which means I get to play more pac-man.

*I speak on the following topics, and the following is intended for conference/workshop organizers directed here by me.

[Short blurb: Keith works with clients to design solutions powered by Gametize, with over 10 years of experience in gamification, software engineering, and business-IT consulting. He also drives internal initiatives to enhance productivity, and innovations for the platform. He is also known as the Office Uncle or Uncle Keith.]

Gamification for HR: Using Game Designs and Thinking to Engage and Motivate Your Employees

In this age of connectivity and social media, orthodox means of recruiting new talent are increasingly defunct and L&D managers are struggling to engage existing talent with boring e-learning solutions. This disengagement also extends to other areas such as compliance training, safety and health, innovation management, and culture building.

Gamification is the application of game psychology and game mechanics into real life or non-game settings which has been increasingly used to address the lack of engagement in various businesses today with proven results. In this session, Keith Ng will illustrate how Gametize and other organisations have used gamification to solve different HR issues, and maintain engagement with the best and brightest talents of today.

Points covered and case studies include:
  • What can gamification adopt from game thinking, game designs, positive psychology, and motivation frameworks
  • The psychology behind gamification, and Gametize’s design framework for community engagement
  • Current trends, best practices, and case studies in gamification for HR in different areas (e.g. L&D, recruitment, compliance)
  • SMU Case study: How gamification has been applied to engage more than 1,000 students in SMU. SMU’s GameLead won 2 awards at Wharton-Quacquarelli Symonds Stars Reimagine Education Conference & Awards 2015 (
  • Gametize Case study: How Gametize has used its gamification technology to attract, review and engage with applicants from the hiring to onboarding.