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Prapim: Creatives & Head of Academy

Prapim Chutaprutikorn is lead of Gametize’s creatives and academy team, with extensive experience as a mentor and instructor. She began her career as an instructor in 2013 by teaching art to children, and has since transitioned to designing learning experiences for clients at Gametize.

In her role at Gametize, Prapim leads and conducts Gametize’s workshops series, which aims to educate learners on how to conceptualize, build, and implement a gamification strategy for a variety of use cases such as employee engagement, learning & development, consumer engagement, and talent acquisition.

Fun facts

Now, on to the fun stuff…

  • Can play piano, trumpet, and guitar (but all very badly)
  • Is a huge StarCraft 2 fan
  • Loves cats, but would also be open to adopting a chinchilla

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