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Gametize's Style List

Looking for some inspiration for your gamification project’s creative & visual direction? Our creatives team has compiled a tried-and-tested Style List here for you to get inspired. Take a look at the type of iconography, logo types, illustrations, and narrative samples you can use.
Because we’re constantly updating this Style List, if you’d like a copy, send an email to
How to use this Style List

1. Gather and scope down your requirements

First, understand your own project requirements. Answer the following questions before you begin:

Do you have the following resources?

Are you the decision maker for the visuals & branding of this project?

If not, who is, and how can you involve them? e.g. Marketing & Communications Department

2. Decide on your narrative

Deciding on your narrative first will give you a clearer idea on which subsequent visual style to pick. There are 2 general directions you can think about:

Option #1: Generic, with no storyline

For this approach, try to pick a work to represent the idea behind the app/campaign/event – think of some keywords you would like users to associate with your app/campaign/event, e.g. ABC Connect, ABC Engage, ABC Community

Option #2: A structured narrative

This would have a story backing it, and the story wouldbe reflected in the copywriting and visuals such as character design, world-building, etc. – e.g. ABC Passport, ABC Academy, ABC Heroes

3. Decide on your visual style & branding

Once your narrative has been decided, it’ll be much easier to think about these elements of your visuals & branding:
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