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Non-Native White-Label App Guide

Ready to begin creating a non-native white-label app with us? Follow the steps below – we’ve prepared resources just for you.

1. Mockups

First, use these slides to visualize your app, including branding, colors, and layout.
To view the slides in a new tab and/or download, click the button below.

2. Guide

Once you have your branding & colors, consult this guide for a more detailed look into what assets you’ll need and how to prepare them.
To view the guide in a new tab and/or download, click the button below.

3. Templates

Once you’re ready to begin, download our Adobe Illustrator (.AI) templates and start creating your white-label app.
To download, click the button below. You will need Adobe Illustrator 2020 to view the files.

Need help?

If you’ve read the guide, downloaded the assets, and still need a helping hand from our team or have more questions on how to create your white-label app, contact our Gametize Academy team at or fill in the form below. A friendly Gametize representative will get in touch with you. Cheers! 🙂
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