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Best ways to engage your players

Now that you have an idea of a gamified solution to complement your campaign efforts, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best engage your players. Engagement levels are crucial with every game as it will determine the staying power of a game (a.k.a how long a game is able to attract an audience). Do not underestimate the power of engagement!

Here are some suggestions on how you can ensure that your players are constantly engaged with your game:

1. Give away surprise rewards


As part of your gamified campaign, rewards can serve as really enticing ‘carrots’ for your players to continue playing and collecting enough points to redeem their choice of reward. But who doesn’t love more rewards? Nobody, that’s who!

So how about delighting your players and engaging them further by releasing the occasional surprise reward at certain time period? This would ‘keep players on their toes’ and active on the app, the way flash discounts would for those who frequent online shopping apps.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to creating rewards? Click here to learn more about rewards!

2. Introduce new challenges to players periodically (using notifications)

1903174.pngIntroducing new challenges once in a while is sure to amp up your engagement rate over time, but the key thing to take note of here is how interesting and exciting these new challenges will be to players. You may not always know how players will take to the new challenges at times. For this, we encourage frequent revisions to test the effectiveness of each challenge and to tweak them (content or type of challenge) accordingly.

So go on, think of fresh new challenges to motivate your players to continue playing your game! Practice makes perfect.

3. Update content on a regular basis (reflect new information)

laptop-1749345_640.pngMuch like updating your challenges, why not go another mile and update the overall content of your game? If your game has been published for weeks/months, you might have some new information to add to your game. What we would normally suggest is for you to prepare your new content separately, unpublished, while your existing one continues to be live. You can check out this article for tips on how to manage your project.

Be sure to include new content that would be relevant to your target audience at that point in time. Some examples of instances when you might require a content refresh include seasonal content, the occasional special event/campaign that’s running during that time, new products/services to inform your players about, and so on. Oh, and don’t forget to update and refresh your Rewards store as well!

4. Create Achievement badges for players to collect in-app

1548182.pngHave you noticed how your players are not completing enough challenges within a topic? Or that they are not completing any topics in full at all? Looks like they are not fully engaged or immersed in the game, it seems. Here’s a tip: create Achievement Badges for players to earn after completing a set of challenges (or a topic).

Achievement badges are great for players to have that sense of accomplishment they need after all the effort in completing those challenges.

Keen to learn more about Achievement Badges? Click here to find out more!

5. Reward players for completing sociable actions on the app

One way to amp up the engagement factor is to increase the level of interaction between1510039.png players, by which we mean, to get everyone to be more sociable (e.g. like and comment on each other’s challenge submissions). Consider implementing Awardable Actions in your next game if you want your players to interact with each other more. But remember, they won’t know that extra points will be given unless you inform them (via the instructions or perhaps a flashcard containing all the information about additional points).

To find out more about Awardable Actions, check out this link!

Got any cool ideas on how to better engage your players? Let us know by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you!