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Singapore Sports Council: Team SSC Day

Singapore Sports Council uses Gametize to encourage team-building during Team SSC Day







The Challenge

“SSC wanted to digitally engage its staff during its annual Team SSC Day event...We felt that Gametize has brought fresh ideas to the table in order to encourage colleague interaction, therefore strengthening the whole SSC team as a result."
Singapore Sports Council
Singapore Sports Council (SSC) oversees the development of a holistic sports culture in Singapore. Team SSC Day is an annual event held for their employees to promote an active lifestyle, and to increase interaction across various departments.

The Solution: Team SSC Day

Gametize drove the entire event in 2013, providing the mechanism for tracking achievements and adding an additional layer of fun. The official SSC app, powered by Gametize, was available to all participants on iOS, Android and the web.
Pre-event challenges were released a week before Team SSC day to onboard participants and build excitement towards the event. Challenges such as “Share a photo of yourself and introduce yourself to the SSC family” and “Take a photo with your colleagues while doing sports together and share the fun” enabled colleagues to know one another better.

The Results

The Team SSC Day games were certainly popular with SSC staff, with many showing the many varied and interesting facets of our staff.”
Singapore Sports Council
During Team SSC Day, 30 teams took part in various physical challenges to score points. Participants submitted a whopping 317 claims, with an average of 45.3 claims per day! The atmosphere was lively and competitive, with teams continually checking their accumulated score and ranking, pushing themselves to top one another.

On average, each team claimed about 8 challenges during the event.
Engagement was brought to a whole new level during the event, with participants competing more intently with one another. Tracking of scores was seamless with the scanning of QR codes and winning teams who topped the leaderboard walked away with attractive prizes, such as concert tickets at the end of the day. Participants have also expressed positive feedback on the whole experience.
“SSC’s experience with the gamification app from Gametize has certainly been a positive one!"
Singapore Sports Council