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Bank: Journey Around Asia

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Situational Judgment Questions

The Challenge

Every year, this bank accepts applicants for its Management Associate (MA) Program. Upon successful application through the programme, candidates are able to rotate across the bank’s different departments in the region over a 24-month period. For every batch, the number of applicants to the MA Programme totals over 3,000 spanning 6 places.
The process of vetting candidates was very time-consuming and resource-intensive as the client was using traditional assessment methods. This was compounded by the fact that the client had limited manpower and resources with its small talent acquisition team.
The client needed a more standardized, cost-effective, and time-effective way to assess this large pool of applicants.

The Solution: Journey Around Asia

Thus, the Journey Around Asia was born, consisting of two parts: The first part was The Delightful Adventure, a teaser about the history, social enterprises, and values of the bank; applicants would embark on a “virtual tour” over the 6 places, earning an achievement for completing each “leg” of the journey.
The second part was the JOY! Quest – consisting of five “Situational Judgment Test” questions. For each question, applicants were asked to choose two reactions to each scenario: the most suitable and least suitable option. The questions were designed so that there were no clear right or wrong answers; rather, the ideal answers were based on how the management staff within the bank answered.

Verdict: Gametized!

Journey Around Asia managed to successfully assess applicants in a more automated and standardized way. This was done at minimal expenditure to the client; the initial batch of 3,000 applicants was quickly filtered down to 500.
At the same time, the client could be assured that these applicants – including those that didn’t make the cut – could learn that about the bank as a brand – and that the bank placed strong emphasis on banking as a fun and exciting venture.