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[TEMPLATE] The Murder Mystery Game – whodunnit?

Academy Team
Do you like crime shows like Sherlock Holmes and Criminal Minds? Well, we may have the template game for you!
Introducing Gametize’s preexisting Project Template: whodunnit?

Become a private investigator and solve the mystery of Bernard

In a thrilling search for the truth, where they dive in further to a mystery that the police have ridden off as a suicide, whodunnit? is the perfect game to engross your Players.
For example, choosing what question(s) to ask while interrogating our suspects 😀
Through exciting challenges that simulate an investigation such as interrogating the suspects and discovering clues at the crime scene, Players will be challenged to activate their detective skills to uncover the true murderer. And when that happens, it will be satisfying, truly getting a taste of what it feels like to find whodunnit.
What are you waiting for? Create your murder mystery now using the variety of challenges Gametize has available, and with this Template you may have the perfect base to start it !