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[TEMPLATE] The Insomnia Game – Insomnia Tales

Academy Team
Life during the pandemic surely has changed the world as we know it. Our work environment, the way we live on a day to day basis, the little things that feel like a distant memory. Another aspect that may have been a by-product of living in the pandemic, is the ever so creeping increase of stress.
Stress causes a lot of things. It may even affect our well-being, such as the quality of sleep we may have. Which poses the question: what do we do if we can’t sleep?
There are a number of ways to resolve this. A solution would be one of Gametize’s own Project Template: Insomnia Tales.

Join Bob along his tale of agonizing sleeplessness

Insomnia Tales is a game that brings the Player through the journey of a sleepless protagonist. In the perspective of Bob, we venture through his life and figure out why his nights may be less than successful.
In addition to Bob’s story, there is more content that may appeal to other Players such as: challenges that test your Player’s trivia knowledge on insomnia, insightful articles and videos about insomnia, as well as a space for Players to share their own experiences with insomnia.
Choose which path Bob takes - all on you 🙂
Through challenges that can ultimately make or break his rest, what path will you choose for Bob? Will you help him improve his sleep schedule for the better, or allow him to stay as he is?
Go ahead and try out the Template now! You can even add your own personal spin for your Players to enjoy, focusing on the aspects you are most interested in – perhaps even adding achievements to tie your game all together. Your game could help those out there searching for an effective solution to their sleep problems.