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Where in the world is Gametize?

// Please note we can’t host walk-ins in the Gametize HQ, we are too obsessed with Gametizing the world. Though, you can send love letters, flowers, and chocolates here…anything with less or no sugar please, we are already too sweet.

Registered name: Gametize Pte Ltd (Reg. No.: 200909781M)

Registered Address: 21 Woodlands Close, Primz Bizhub #08-34, SINGAPORE 737854
//this is our corporate secretary’s address where all the admin magic take place. we aren’t magical enough to be around. you can send important letters/monies/legal notices here! 

Our Playground: 138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower #07-04, SINGAPORE 068906
//please note we can’t host walk-ins in the gametize hq we are too obsessed with gametizing the world. you can send love letters, flowers and chocolates here!

If you are coming by public transport or taking a cab here:
Oxley Tower is close to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (Capital Tower, or Exit F).
It is also near to Telok Ayer MRT Station (Exit A), Downtown MRT Station (Exit E), and is near several bus stops located Bus Stop Opp Gb Bldg – 03151, Bus Stop Opp Sia Bldg – 03111 and Bus Stop UIC Bldg – 03129.

If you are driving here: You can park at Oxley Tower itself (please go to B2 for the direct lift to our unit), or alight at the drop-off point at Oxley Tower, near 7-11. If the carpark is full, please do park at the next building, such as SBF building, a little further down the road, but no more than a minute’s walk away. Learn more about the parking rates and other parking options at

Please call your Gametize representative to give you the red carpet at lobby 2, 5 minutes before you arrive so we can polish our door knob for you, or simply press the comms system for #07-04, and we will lift you up directly.

Important! After we sign you in, please note that the door opens on the opposite side directly to our office. Please press #7 on the panel closer to the opposite door, on the left side. If you are not sure where to find this panel, just press #7 on both sides. We apologize for the rather bizarrely designed building user experience, and we would like to assure you the Gametize platform is way easier to use. 

Keep this link in your notebook to find Gametize:

Or, if you are to email us:

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