MVP of the week: The super yummy GUMMY NINJA!

Shiqin hard at work!
Shiqin hard at work!

After a long hiatus, we are resuming our MVP series to feature our teammates. To kick things off again, we’re going to start with the latest full-time addition to our ninja family, Shiqin.

As Gametize’s first ‘Gametize Coach’, Shiqin focuses on coaching clients and Gametize users alike in the ways of the platform. She is also the voice behind our live customer service chatline!

Other than coaching and customer service, she has helped the rest of the business team in many other ways too, from drafting contracts to managing projects and clients. A multi-talented and inquisitive creature that she is, having her on the business team is an absolute pleasure.

Luckily for us, it’s easy to get on her good side; buy her a packet of gummy bears and bring over a good book (or a cat, perhaps) and she will instantly fall in love with you.

Here’s a short clip of her dancing to her national anthem (together with Brenda):

She may only have been at Gametize for a few months so far, but she has left quite an impression on us already!




Christopher was part of our tech team, acting as a software developer in his time here, working on Gametize’s platform and rule engines. However, Christopher did not limit himself to just that, and he did offer insight on creative design work as well.


Curious as to what a working environment and life in a tech startup company is like, Christopher applied for an internship with Gametize, whose work environment, he felt, made it easier for him to be more proactive. Gametize loosened the reigns and allowed him to freely learn more about software development.

Besides software development, which he’d signed up for, Christopher also learned many more things in his run with Gametize: things about the working environment, technicalities, himself…

Another role Christopher held was as our teammate Damon’s doppleganger, confusing both clients and fellow teammates alike with their scary likeness! Just another Gametize party trick.

At this current time, Christopher is finishing up his last year in NUS. Thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to Gametize, Christopher, and we wish you all the best!

MVP of the Week: Try keeping up with… Our Samba Ninja!


Bendexter first came to know Gametize as a user and a backend admin of our platform. And, he first met our Keith as a client. Gametize and Keith both charmed him, and half-a-year later, Bendexter was working with Gametize again, this time not as a user, but as a developer.

During his time with Gametize, Bendexter worked on the analytics platform, managed projects, and assisted with business operations whenever required.

As a younger intern, Bendexter also often had fresher, newer ideas which he brought to the table. In this way, Bendexter not only contributed to Gametize technically, but also creatively.

Bendexter shows the same level of enthusiasm and skill in his other interests as well, such as: samba percussion, and sports.

He is currently working on an android application as part of his final year project in SMU, and then he’ll be heading off to Korea for an exchange program! Bon voyage Bendexter! Thank you for the contributions you’ve made to Gametize, and we wish you all the best!



Guangwen was with Gametize on a 14-week-long internship, and was part of the business operations team. He proved to be a highly-capable individual and, just on his second day, he was already tasked with creating mock-ups for business pitches.

In his time with Gametize, Guangwen accomplished a myriad of things: keeping the office clean and beautiful, looking out for the Gametize ninjas’ welfare, taking charge of logistics, taking charge of some projects as well!

However, Guangwen is not some super-robot with no flaws; we’re all humans after all. Guangwen admits that there are times when he can be “super-blur” — who buys just one slice of cake when asked to buy a birthday cake? Guangwen, apparently!

Guangwen is currently in his third year at SMU School of Information Systems, and we wish him all the best! Thank you, Guangwen, for all your contributions during your time with us!



If you visit the Gametize office, the one name you’ll hear being repeated more than any other is probably “Shan Shan”!

Being Gametize’s creative director and also being a project manager, Shan Shan has all the answers, and she knows all the in-and-out’s of almost all the projects.

Shan Shan hails from a Communication and New Media course in university, and originally signed on to do design in Gametize. However, she found herself with loads more things to do than just that, and all of that has helped shaped her into who she is today. Now, there’s no question she can’t answer, no client she can’t respond to, no project she can’t handle.

And it doesn’t end there; Shan Shan’s in charge of onboarding and training all the new Gametize ninjas as well! And it’s not just one newbie ninja at a time either. At this current time, she’s taking on three!

When we call Shan Shan the “do-it-all ninja”, it’s because she really can do it all.



Initially only capable of communicating with dogs and fumbling at social interaction, Belle now has skills she can actually use in the real world. These are skills she picked up in polytechnic, and they include: a strong immunity to the sweat and pain that comes with film production, thick skin towards criticism that had constantly been shot at her writing, and forced calm when her HTML coding doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.


Armed with these new skills, Belle was sent to Gametize for her 22-week internship, where she joined the business operations team. Here, Belle is being groomed and shaped to take charge and to take initiative. She is sent to business meetings, and asked to head several internal projects.


Belle is learning many new things, and she is also getting to hone the skills she already possesses. By the end of her journey with Gametize, Belle will be a different person yet again, with newer skills in her arsenal!

MVP of the week 2015: The incredibly lovely and adorable… Rainbow Ninja!


In a society where certificates are most important, and time is a monster breathing down your neck, Shi Teng has done the unthinkable: she’s taken a gap year.

Shi Teng hopped aboard the Gametize train a few months after graduating from polytechnic, a whole skill set tucked under her arm.

While some consider a gap year to be a pause, or a break, in your progress, Shi Teng sees it as part of her journey. Her gap year with Gametize is another story she will be able to tell people, another stepping stone to finding out what she really wants.

Here at Gametize, Shi Teng handles several projects, following up with clients and creating demo samples. Whatever you ask her to do, she’ll do it, and she’ll do it well. Hence her moniker, “Rainbow Ninja”. Just like how a rainbow has many different colours, Shi Teng has many different skills that range from content management to illustration to web design. Also like a rainbow, she brightens up the place wherever she goes, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Her time here with Gametize is shaping her and giving her a new-found confidence that will enable her to make the right call for herself when her gap year is over.

MVP of the Week 2015: Introducing the oh-so-delicious… Strawberry Ninja!


Hailing from NUS with his strawberry-shaped head and insane tech skills is Oswell! You can find him typing away in his hacker-language at his desk. If not, he’ll be reading books and manga, or playing table tennis and basketball.

Oswell is with Gametize on a 6-months internship, though we wish we could keep him for a bit longer. Here, Oswell works magic with laptops and codes, working on and learning more about UX, UIs, and how gamification can drive real-life behavior.

Some may call tech-savvy people geeks, or find them boring, but Oswell can certainly spin a tale that will have you laughing till tears come to your eyes (evident by his Dixit stories!). He’s a valuable team member, and not just because of his tech skills.

Oh, and. He has another prestigious job title as the CBGO – Chief Board Game Officer. It sounds a little vulgar for some Singaporeans, but it is an important role to teach us new games to inspire our creativity. We will be sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

MVP Of The Week 2015: The sharp and deadly… Ninja Philosopher!


From a land where numbers and words collide, Wena is stuck in the middle: She’s mastered both.

Wena was born in The English Language tribe. Words were her true love. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives were her siblings whom she tossed around and played with growing up. Together, they constructed beautifully complete sentences that would make Shakespeare weep.

However, Wena is a free spirit, hungry for more knowledge.

So, in her tertiary years, Wena danced with banking and finances instead, learning all she could about the inner workings of mathematics and formulae. This act, however, was considered treason by her tribe, and she was banished from her home.

Never one to be deterred, Wena never lost hope, and she trudged on in her solitary journey, until she found a new tribe: Gametize.

Here, she is allowed to love both numbers and words. Here, she is allowed to utilise both.

With her numeric and linguistic skills, in conjunction with her inherent wit and charm, you can bet (if you’re a gambling man), that Wena will be hitting home-runs for Gametize’s leads and clients.

New teammates?

New 2015 “MVP Of The Week” series!

Stay tuned to meet more ninjas!


MVP of the Week: Last but not least… The Mind-Bending Ninja


As a final-year Psychology student at the University College London, Jonathan developed a passion for UX design after taking the elective module Computing for Psychologists.

This interest led him to fly across the globe, back to Singapore, to pursue a mentorship in Gametize.

Jonathan’s spectrum of talents led him to be thrown immediately into action, working on projects within his first week at Gametize.

Drawing from his psychology expertise, IT knowledge and design skills, Jonathan has produced great work ranging from an awesome infographic on Gamification to a blog post on Milgram’s experiment!


MVP of the Week” is a series of articles highlighting our awesome teammates. Stay tuned!


This post was contributed by Quek Keng Yong, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize
Keng Yong has been placed at Gametize to do a 6-month internship through the iLEAD programme of NUS Entreprise in 2014. He studied Business at National University of Singapore. In his spare time, he likes to ride a bike or play computer games.