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Storytelling in Gamification

Max Ang
Business Development Mentee
Storytelling. A simple concept we all know well but here’s a short piece on why storytelling is powerful and essential.
Storytelling makes life easier for everyone. Without it, every form of communication would be lost in translation. Storytelling turns the most complicated subject into something simple. It makes a boring task enjoyable. With a little exaggeration thrown in, storytelling is the conveyance of ideas into something meaningful.It is a powerful communicator that makes ideas come alive, making room for community sharing, learning and exploration!
Storytelling in Gamification

How is storytelling related to Gamification?

To begin with, Gamification is the application of game psychology and mechanics to non-game contexts. It is an enhancing process that makes the most mundane a little less dull. However, in order for it to come alive, we need words and the power of stories. There are many ideas that might not see the light, hidden within our imagination. We need to speak them, write them and play them out. Stories play and stir the emotions, they are the propellers which move ideas forward and they provide purpose. Stories create caves for exploration and this is what games are made of. Great games are defined by the ideas and narratives they provide. Think Assassin’s Creed or Kingdom Hearts. The characters and story play a huge part in their popularity.
Even better, get your users to craft their own stories. For e.g. Selfiely is a Instagram meets selfie challenges app, with challenges such as “a selfie with your food”. Complete that challenge and share that story about how your food is your best dinner companion! You may have just found a new place to hang out.
Food Selfie
You see, stories make the world a more joyful place.The storyteller is able to get under the skin of his target audience, making them feel and participate. He creates approval and belief, attracting followers to his cause. With a little touch of game magic, stories are the added arsenal that arms one to motivate people to change. A gamified experience begins with compelling stories. Stories create motivation to play, share, learn and explore, which are the very fundamentals of gamification.
This post was contributed by Max Ang, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize
Max is the summer Business Ninja at Gametize in 2014. He loves reading, especially on themes that deal with the modern society. A sporty person who enjoys runs in the morning and rock climbing on the weekends.
Published on 23 May, 2014
Revised 26 June, 2020