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Video games and child development may not go hand-in-hand to the untrained eye but it’s been suggested that video games, in this case the Wii device, may be beneficial in certain instances. Wii games are great interactive games that will not only entertain children but also enable them to boost learning and improve hand- and eye-coordination among other things amid a range of other benefits:

Physically Active
The Wii combines physical activity with video games, meaning that children won’t be sitting down all day whilst playing. From physical movements, using one’s mind and learning a different set of skills, children can maintain exceptional physical health alongside their mind and this introduces them to real-life sports as well. Expending energy is a useful alternative to spending hours inside talking via social media and using the internet as opposed to getting out and about.

Wii games promote a sense of interaction that doesn’t usually come with other video games. Controlling a player with a more physical aspect brings in a new element of creativity and problem-solving, crossing movement with something similar to self-expression. Games like Wii Tennis and Golf require anticipation and technique, requiring children to gauge the appropriate response, whether it be how hard to hit a ball, how far and with a degree of accuracy.

Social Skills
A common argument that today’s younger generation face is that they don’t get out and meet with friends in the outside world as much anymore. Playing games online or using the Wii with friends keeps a social element at the core of a youngster’s life. Not only is it something that most kids have in common, it’s something fun and something that frequents conversation amongst young children, providing a stimulus and a source of entertainment.

Computer games are at the core of a number of studies, many of which pinpoint numerous advantages of children playing video games within reason. From embracing competition and allowing time to play with parents, it’s not just physical benefits, but also promoting interaction with others from an early age.


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