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Challenge Types 101

There are probably more questions you may have when you start creating challenges. We have put together a Challenge Types Guide on the different challenge types and how (best) to use each of them. Continue reading below to find out more!

Try out this game to see the challenges in action!

standard Standard Challenge

Standard Challenges are the most basic challenges. It consist of a compulsory text field as well as the option for players to upload a photo. Use it to gather feedback or open ended answers. There is no validation for correct answers, hence it is free and open to all kinds of answers. If you want to have a validated answer, take a look at Fixed Answer Challenges in Part 2 of the Challenge Types Guide.

Pros: screenshot_2016-12-14-17-01-36

  • Open-ended
  • Simple


  • Tedious for users to fill in
  • Tough to analyze answers collected


  • Submit a question for the speaker. 
  • Let us know if you have any feedback about this game!
  • Describe yourself using any 3 adjectives.

photo Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge requires players to submit a photo to complete the challenge. (Filling in the text field is optional) Photo Challenges are possibly the most fun challenge you can create. Make your players take a selfie, wefie or simply let them express their creativity by taking a photo to fit a theme or caption!

Pros: screenshot_2016-12-14-17-59-57

  • Fun and allows players to express their ideas freely
  • Easy to upload, especially on mobile


  • Some users may not want to submit their own photos
  • Curation of the photos has to be done manually by admins


  • Take a selfie! Show us your big smile!
  • Take a group photo with your friends or family!
  • Take a photo that fits the theme “Dream”.
? Enjoy taking selfies? Try Selfiely!

information Flashcard

Flashcards are not challenges and do not require any action to be taken by players. However, they still can be extensively used in your game to provide information for your players. Use them as educational flashcards, tutorials or simply to introduce players to your game!

Pros: screenshot_2016-12-14-18-12-17

  • No action to be taken by the player
  • Good way to introduce information to players


  • Challenges and flashcards cannot be locked to a flashcard
  • Flashcard views are not trackable


  • Welcome! Think you are as intelligent as Athena? Think twice after taking this Greek Mythology quiz!
  • The Dance and Dinner Committee cordially welcome you to the end of year gathering of ABC Corporation. We hope you will have fun with the quizzes and mini games we have prepared. Enjoy the night with the great good and music!
  • The game will be released at 12 midnight, 17th February, 2017. Please stay tuned to the updates!

quiz Quiz Challenge (One try only)

Quiz Challenges operate similarly to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Players select the correct option from a list of options. As the title says, players are only given one try to attempt this challenge, regardless whether they get it correct or wrong. (Read below for information on repeatable quiz challenge)

This is one of the most frequently used challenge on Gametize. Admins typically use it to test the knowledge of players by setting it like a MCQ.

Pros: screenshot_2016-12-14-19-02-23

  • Intuitive to players
  • Easy to analyze results
  • Definite answer


  • Gives little autonomy to players


  • Which year was our company founded?
  • What kind of cheese is typically used to make pizza? 

quiz_repeatable Quiz Challenge (Repeatable)

Repeatable Quiz Challenge functions just like One-Try Quiz Challenge with one difference: players are able to attempt the challenge multiple times.

Admins can modify the settings of the challenge in 2 ways:

  1. Players can complete the challenge for unlimited number of times, even after they have gotten it correct.
  2. Players can complete the challenge for unlimited number of times until they get it correct. No more attempts are available after the player has gotten the correct answer.

However be sure to limit the points for getting the quiz challenge correct or wrong to avoid points farming. (Though cheating may not always be a bad thing)

Repeatable Quiz Challenges can be used to re-enforce knowledge of the players. For example, in a long term education campaign, the repeatable quiz challenge allows players to re-visit the questions and test themselves after a period of time.


  • Allows for re-attempts of the challenge
  • Players can re-attempt immediately, with no lag time


  • Players may be shifted away from the target behaviour
  • Possibility for cheating by farming points. Detrimental to the game when rewards are at stake.


  • Which floor is the cafeteria located?
  • What Pokemon does Mankey evolve into?

poll Poll Challenge

Players see a list of options and are able to choose 1 or more options from the list. Poll Challenges are split further into:

  1. Single-Option Poll Challenge, and
  2. Multi-Option Poll Challenge

The differences lie in the number of options players are able to choose. For single option poll, each option may carry a different point, making it possible to set more than 1 answer as the ‘correct answer’ by giving it the same highest number of points.

On the other hand, multi-option poll challenges awards players with the same amount of points regardless of the number of options chosen.

Poll Challenges can be used a variety of ways such as gathering feedback and asking for the players’ preference given a list of choices.

Other interesting applications include having a game with an immersive storyline where players completes it by taking action via the options in the poll challenges.

? Solve the mystery of The Diary and the Red Rose and see the unique application of Poll Challenges!


  • Allows for selection of multiple answers
  • Unique settings allow for wide spectrum of usage


  • After creating the poll challenges, you are not encouraged to change the options


  • Which of these countries have you been to?
  • Design the company shirt! What colour would you like our company shirt to be?

 challenge_icon_multi Multi Field Challenge

Multi Field Challenge allows admins to include various questions of different formats in one challenge. Currently supported formats are: Text, Number, Number with Decimal, Date and Multiple Choice.

Multi Field Challenge can combine different questions into one challenge(page) hence, reducing the number of clicks each player has to perform to complete the game. This improve the player’s experience when playing the game.

Addiionally, multi field challenges are also often used to capture personal details of players such as name and email, and also used as feedback forms.


  • Able to ask several questions in a page
  • Flexible in usage


  • Players may be confused about the objective of the challenge


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Congratulations! You have come to the end of Part 1 of the Challenge Types Guide. Continue to read on for more advanced challenge types in Part 2 of the series!

Also, if you face any problems creating the challenges, feel free to refer to our FAQ section!

Got any other cool ways to use these challenge types? Do you have any questions on these challenge types? Let us know below in the comments section!