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Life is a (Gametize) Game

Welcome to the Game(tize) of Life!

You know how it goes… Life is a game, and we are all players. And just like a game, life is complex, with many levels to unlock, points to earn, and other players to compete with.

So to compare life with a typical, plain vanilla Gametize game (now updated with some really cool new features, by the way), I guess it’s not as far-fetched as it may seem!

Let’s have a go at this, shall we?

#1: In the beginning…

A higher power, namely the Admin, creates an account on the Gametize platform… and breathes life into all the possibilities that it can offer!

The Admin will have the power to create individual projects for various types of games. Within each project, there will be topics and challenges/flashcards.

Much like real life, your “game” is divided into topics like “education”, “family”, “relationship”, “health”, and so on. Each topic, like your life, will contain unique challenges and life lessons (in our case, they’re Flashcards), some of which you would undergo once, and others… multiple times.

For going through these challenges, you will, of course, be duly rewarded in points. Those who reigh supreme will be recognised and revered when their names are displayed on the Leaderboard.

The Admin also has the power to oversee all its players, and would know the progress of each player. Which brings us to the next part…

#2: The Humble Mortals a.k.a Players

For every game played, there are players slogging it out and trying to make a living. Players in life vary; most are “socialisers” playing the social game, some are “achievers” craving purpose in life and fulfilment, some are “explorers” seeking new discoveries, and there is a handful of competitors called “killers” plotting world domination.

There’s a bit of everything here at Gametize. For mortals seeking glory and fame, completing every challenge is likely to be at the top of their to-do list. For those who are more concerned about socialising and popularity, they will either focus on capturing really impressive selfies (and praying for multiple likes) or thinking of quirky answers to open-ended questions.

Also, it’s human nature to compete and/or collaborate, especially in the work setting. Similarly, in a Gametize game, players can either compete or collaborate as individuals. Teams are offered to players who wish to collaborate and work together, or one could do without it if they are flying solo all the way.

#3: The Daily Grind a.k.a Challenges

Ah, what’s life if there’s no labour?  Here’s to the daily grind! *clinks glasses*

Much like in real life, some challenges are designed to test us. Some are simply meant to entertain us, or perhaps, give us some meaning in our lives. In school, we would have exams to grade our academic progress. We do the same here, but with quiz challenges and the occasional standard challenge.

Taking surveys is 10x more fun on the Gametize platform though (via the Poll challenge), because you can at least earn points that you can later on exchange for that sweet reward up for grabs.

At Gametize, we daresay it’s not as difficult as slogging it out at work in real life. We would complete challenges in exchange for points (our form of moolah) and our efforts would be recorded by the system for the Admin to observe. If we do good, the Admin may just reward us with extra points! Thank you God Admin!

#4: Judgement Day

For all the good deads we have done, Judgement Day is upon us, and we are ready to consolidate our points and redeem our rewards. The Rewards Store in Gametize, within a specific project, can offer a wide range of rewards, and the best part is, it can be anything, really. From coffee chats with the CEO to cute plush toys, the two-step redemption process we got going on is simple and intuitive enough for both players and admins to access and use almost immediately.

Want to know who’s the best of them all? Want to know where you stand? We take ranking seriously. The Leaderboard is visible for all to see, and if you’re a registered player, you can see the players that are right above you and right below you. Nothing better than to know who your immediate competitors – and how many points you need to beat them.

#5: Endgame

All good things must come to an end, eventually.

When all is said and done, it’s time to review the success of your game. That’s when the game analytics will come in handy. It will lead to all the data you will need to assess the success of your game. Like God, you will be able to keep track of how well your mortals, I mean, players, have done in your game (e.g. how many topics/challenges they have completed, who redeemed what rewards, who are the top players, etc.). Best of all, unlike God (I think, but hey, who knows, right?), you can download all this data in Excel format for your own safekeeping and recording!

And there you have it, the 5 stages of life at Gametize. Have fun! 🙂