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Introducing and cultivating new core values through gamified team building







The Challenge

Our Channel Partner, Talent Intelligence, helped Gamuda to create a gamified team-building program to introduce and cultivate New HR Core Values as well as build team synergy across decentralized HR functions.
“When it’s lunch time, I want to have lunch with my colleagues, so that I don’t feel awkward eating alone / and that I feel like I belong.”
Gamuda wanted to create interactions with all employees so they could learn more about each other through social interactions and competitive teamwork.

The Solution: Nagalima and the Five Tribes

The “Nagalima and the Five Tribes” storyline was created to engage users with a sense of attraction, relevancy, and suspense while incorporating core values.
The “Nagalima and the Five Tribes” storyline ran over 1 week over the course of “episodes” and overall consisted of 23 players and 30 challenges.

Verdict: Gametized!

“Love that this game brings out the competitiveness in us…It’s amazing to see everyone bonding through this game.”
“It changed a lot of things in terms of communication and also how we actually get to know other people.”
This case study was provided to us by our Channel Partner, Talent Intelligence (now known as People Psyence), who assisted this client to create their gamification strategy using the Gametize Platform.