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Engaging learners on Risk and Crisis Management







The Challenge

  • Learn & Apply Risk and Crisis Management
  • Improve learning retention of subject matter
  • Engage learners and emphasize importance of subject matter

The Solution: The Chronicle of Michael and Friends

Talent Intelligence worked together with Martin Brower to create a game on Gametize, “The Chronicle of Michael and Friends”.
The character Michael walked the player through different types of content, including a scenario simulated on what to do in a crisis situation.

The Results

"The storyline was good and for those who attended the workshop, the last few episodes helped to remind us again what we have learned in the workshop about communication."
Lee Shiao Mei
25 players completed 78 challenges over the course of 1 week. Some observations:
  • Photo challenge drove application of risk management
  • Team allocation drove competitiveness
  • Story & social feed drove engagement with the subject

Verdict: Gametized!

The game drove a high number of submissions in 1 Topic alone with 577 submissions just by 25 players. The game was a resounding success with 1154 total submissions and 8795 social interactions (comments, votes, and likes).
This case study was provided to us by our Channel Partner, Talent Intelligence (now known as People Psyence), who assisted this client to create their gamification strategy using the Gametize Platform.