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Leveling Up Engagement: Project-wide Achievements

Li Xin
Customer Experience Lead

Since the birth of, Achievements could only be created within a single Topic. Many have asked, “Why can’t we have Achievement Rules that go beyond a single Topic?” and this got us thinking… Why indeed?

After putting our thinking caps on and performing some code magic, we made the move to expand the Achievement module beyond the Topic-level. 

Introducing Project-wide Achievements

So, here’s what you get with this update:
  • A universal view of all the Achievements in the Project, as opposed to each set of Achievements being tucked in the individual Topic
  • New Achievement rules to get creative with, as you level up your engagement strategy with your Players

Of course, this change wouldn’t make much of a difference if it leaves no impact on the Players’ experience. Here’s what they can look forward to:

  • Unlock an Achievement via more actions
  • Unlock more than one Achievement with a single action

Nothing beats trying it out yourself!

Hop over to your Admin Dashboard and get started on creating Achievements and experiment with the new Achievement rules!

Be the judge! Let us know if the new feature works for you (or not)! If inspiration hits while you are exploring, hop over to our Community and post your views. We are constantly on the hunt for new ideas!

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