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Inbox on Beta: For Project Administrators

Prasanth, Product Manager
Product Manager
We hope you’ve been enjoying our most recent updates, but what we’ve been hearing about is a lack of connection between yourself and your Players. This drove us to design the Inbox, where you can create, join, and continue conversations.
The Inbox is just starting out, but we are very excited to share what we’ve got so far! In this update, we are keeping the beta testing group small – just you, the Project Administrators, and Project Moderators. Here’s a breakdown of what you will see:
  • Chats filtered by Projects
  • Receive and view Project-related enquiries sent by Players directly
  • Each Player having his/her dedicated channel
(Don’t have an account? Time to sign up for one!)
Features being beta-tested come with caveats, don’t they? Keep this in mind as you begin your first Gametized communication using the Inbox. Though this is the first iteration, please do give us your opinions on any component of the Gametize Inbox – even if it’s just the color of the icon! Send us a ticket or hop over to our Community to post your views.

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