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We’re launching our new pricing plans on 22nd July 2019

Li Xin
Customer Experience Lead
Gametize has grown over the years, and we’ve figured that there is no better time to introduce a pricing change to more accurately reflect the value you can get from the product!
Here are the new pricing plans:
For most paid plan subscribers, it can be quite a change. For a few customers, things remained status quo. Regardless, we are alongside to make the transition as easy as possible.
If you have yet to upgrade or are in the midst of making a decision, there is no better time than now to secure a paid subscription. Upgrade to any of the paid plan types before 22nd July 2019, and we will honor our legacy prices till 1st October 2019.
If you’ve any questions or concerns, do drop us a message at Our Support Ninjas will get to you as soon as they can!
Published on 22 July, 2019