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Q3 FEATURE UPDATES - Upgrades, and more upgrades!

Prasanth, Product Manager
Product Manager

A deep breath, and let's begin...

[BETA] Upgrade Unlocked: Admin Login

You no longer need to remember another set of credentials when logging in or signing up with Gametize. With SSO (or Single-Sign-On), you can log in using existing accounts on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft

For Admins with an existing Gametize account, you will have the option to link accounts using the new Account Settings page

[BETA] Upgrade Unlocked: Admin Inbox

A few months back, the first iteration of the Admin Inbox feature was released. We are back with more features!

The question on your mind now might be: “So, how does this look for the Players?”. Well… read on!

Upgrade Unlocked: Player Inbox

The Inbox feature has been released on the Player interface, allowing Players to strike up conversations with their fellow Players or Team, as well as to give feedback or get updates from Admins. To top it all up, we’ve reorganized the Player App UI for better access to the new feature.

Explore the new interface on the Gametize Player Web, the Gametize Android app, and get a sneak peek on iOS via Selfiely – a showcase app curated by Gametize. 

Upgrade Unlocked: Abridged Topics List

Ever received feedback from Players, commenting on the difficulty of locating a specific Topic? Introducing a new navigation option – the Topic List view. With a single button, you will have an overview of all the Topics in the Project, as well as their current status.

Explore the new feature on the Gametize Android App and get a sneak peek on iOS via Selfiely – a showcase app curated by Gametize. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

We know there are many updates this time around, but we just can’t keep all these new developments to ourselves! Go on and explore and let us know what’s good and what’s bad! Send us a ticket or hop over to our Community to post your views.

Published on 27 August, 2019

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