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Gametize Launches Nonprofit & Education Pricing Scheme

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Our mission at Gametize is to turn the world into a giant playground! We understand that for many nonprofit and educational institutions, this can be a challenge, especially when working with small teams and limited resources.
That’s why we are officially launching our Nonprofit & Education Pricing Scheme – so that we can make Gametize more accessible for nonprofit & educational organizations to create gamified experiences for a good cause. There are three discount options available, all offering percentage discounts. You can learn more here, on our Nonprofit & Education Pricing Scheme page.

How Gametize has made a difference

Gametize is passionate about making an impact, and has helped many organizations achieve success in their causes. Here are some ways we’ve worked with organizations to make a difference:
NTU makes more than 1,300 connections between budding entrepreneurs
The Business Challenge organized by NTU provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into start-ups. With Gametize, the organizers were able to increase social engagement and interaction among participants, adding a layer of fun and excitement to the conference, with more than 1,300 connections being made and over 2,000 social activities, such as votes and comments, being generated in one day.
Learn more about NTU here.
Gametize powered interactions between students and mentors at the JOS Innovation Awards
Gametize is proud to be the gamification sponsor for the 2018-19 JOS Innovation Awards, providing the platform to power Gnnovation – a mobile app to engage and connect participants, JOS representatives, and customer representatives.
Learn more about the JOS Innovation Awards here.

Gamify your cause with us

Gametize Nonprofit Pricing Scheme
If you want to learn more about and apply for our nonprofit discounts, such as eligibility requirements and the discount options available, visit our Nonprofit & Education Pricing Scheme page.
You can also read up on our FAQs for our Nonprofit & Education Pricing Scheme at our Help Center here.
Published on 9 November, 2020

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