Gametize Academy

Highlights of 2021

Natalie Monteiro

2021 was a year full of new opportunities and progress for Gametize! As the new year kicks into gear, there’s no better time than now to look back on the new features we’ve added in the past year.

In this article, we will recall the new features brought to Gametize last year, which we hope made 2021 as memorable to you as it did to us!

1. Game & Challenge Referral

Want to challenge your friends with something fun? Players are now able to refer their friends to a game or challenge, bringing a new level of friendly competition to our platform.
Ready to prove to your friend that you can do it better? Game on!
Affecting: Players

2. Comment Threading

A long awaited feature for Gametize!
Increasing the chance for players to interact among themselves, they are finally able to reply to specific comments on a challenge.
This feature, although small, certainly makes the experience all the more better to share your thoughts and connect with others.
Affecting: Players

3. More Options for Reward Redemption Limit

We have expanded the options for rewards — redemption limits can now be scheduled to reset every day, week, month, or year.
The reward redemption limit will reset according to the option set. For example, by setting the reward redemption limit to “10” and “Weekly”, the quantity of rewards that Players can redeem will be reset to 10 every week.
This automates reward availability, making Reward redemptions seamless for both Admins and Players. A win-win situation!
Affecting: Players and Admins

4. Archiving Unused Topics/Challenges/Flashcards

Are there too many challenges in your topic? Not to worry!
Our archiving function allows us to keep our workspace clean, while putting the unneeded content safely out of view for safe keeping. Just in case it might be needed in the future, we got you covered.
P.S: No data was harmed in the process of archiving 😉
Affecting: Admins

5. Bulk Actions

You do not have to tediously award your list of players one by one anymore because of our new bulk action feature for multiple items / users, which include the following actions:
  • Awarding bonus points
  • Revoking bonus points
  • Redeeming rewards for players
  • Collecting rewards
  • Canceling reward collection
  • Canceling reward redemption
  • Revoking achievements
This feature has improved our quality of life by applying our desired actions for multiple items / players at one go — with a lovely checkbox to select specific players to boot!
Affecting: Admins

6. Image Library Manager

Available for our Super Admin friends on Gametize’s Enterprise plans, the Image Library Manager provides an invaluable tool that can be used to manage their image assets.
Populating the repository with images special to your company allows your Admins to use these images easily, making content creation much easier.
Affecting: Platform Owners / Super Admins
Thank you for making Gametize’s 2021 a wonderful one. Without your support, we would not have been able to achieve as much as we did.
As we continue on into the new year, we look forward to what 2022 has in store. May everyone have a fruitful year ahead!