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[EVENT] Gametize Professional Gamification Designer Certification Program

11, 14, 15 March 2022


About the Certification Program

Gametize’s Certification Programs are developed and curated by our in-house team to help you develop your gamification strategy, hack our platform, and create a great game experience for your audience.

What sets our certification apart from the rest is the practical hands-on experience using Gametize’s 6D Playbook and the platform training you will receive, culminating in a standardized and rigorous assessment.

We are committed to building a robust community of practitioners and experts in gamification.

March 2022 Batch

After much preparation and planning, we finally had the first run of Gametize Certification Program in March 2022 for our internal colleagues! 

March 2022 Participants

It’s always so exciting to share the achievements of our colleagues, especially when we have seen how hard and smart they have worked to be accredited. 

Graduation Photo

For any enquires about the certification program, feel free to reach out to us at