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We are proud to announce our suite of certification accreditations for gamification enthusiasts, users and professionals.

In a highly competitive employment climate, what separates one candidate from another is no longer a function of formal qualifications. Skills, experience and application creates that opportunity for differentiation. Certification offers that measure of standards, competence and expertise that demonstrates your value to the organization, as well as to your profession. In an increasingly automated and challenging economy, the ability to learn, upgrade and upskill becomes an important strategic priority for today’s organizations.

This is why we have specially curated this multi-level professional certification for anyone looking to develop expertise in gamification design and strategy. The certification journey begins with an asynchronous Introductory Module built and hosted on Gametize’s very own platform. Information is bite-sized with challenges, rewards and social elements to reinforce learning and at the learner’s own pace.

The programme progresses to the next level of certification, the Certified Professional Gamification Designer, a 2-day module that will give every candidate an immersive hands-on experience to develop their gamification strategy while exploring their own creative journey in gamification design.


At the pinnacle of the certification journey is the Certified Master Gamification Designer accreditation. Candidates are required to submit a case-study of a project they have been involved in creating as part of a Capstone Project, a requirement in the assessment process.

To further reinforce the practical aspect of learning, learners will have access to Gametize project and technical staff to consult on project submissions, as well as have face-to-face time with industry experts and power users during allotted mentoring sessions.

This is not a “pay-to-play” accreditation. Gametize is serious about making sure anyone who goes through this process is able to demonstrate the professional competency in applying gamification strategy back at the workplace. Every learner is taken through our very own 6D Playbook, which we use for every project we run for clients. We don’t do short-cuts, nor do we share only a watered-down version of the Playbook.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to professional certification, and upon successful completion of that journey, welcome you to our growing community of practitioners and experts.

To register for the Introductory Module, email: or; 

Visit us at for more information.