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P.S. 2nd April 2024: Happy April Fools’ Day!

We had fun with this one, going for “CHILDREN” as the audience for TeamComply in the hope of educating them on GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 1, and … might it be possible? Head to to find out who’s TeamComply for and by the way, it’s our soft-launch…

PRESS RELEASE: TeamComply helps children comply to parents through gamification

1st April 2024

SINGAPORE, 1st April 2024

After months of pivotal discussion, Gametize has announced the launch of TeamComply, a groundbreaking compliance solution with gamification and AI technologies designed for children aged 6 to 18. Children can now be compliant and obedient in fun and engaging ways. Parents can use TeamComply to onboard their kids with gamified challenges for table manners, curfews, house chores, and even greetings of relatives.
TeamComply provides a suite of compliance course templates parents can adapt and personalize for their children. TeamComply’s proprietary AI engine can also evaluate and coach the children based on their completions. For e.g. tasks such as “flush the toilet bowl” will be a photo challenge, and AI can determine if the child has indeed flushed the toilet and to encourage the child with automated feedback like “cleaning up after using the toilet makes you a superhero” or guiding the child how to flush. They can earn special badges and compete with their siblings or friends in a leaderboard.

TeamComply’s CEO, Keith Ng, said, 

“Kids are the future, and instilling a strong sense of compliance from a young age is crucial for their development into responsible adults. To engage the younger generation; we needed to be innovative to get their attention. The biggest challenge is to simplify various compliance regulations and guidelines for children, and that’s where TeamComply comes in with its gamified approach to bridge the gap.”

Features and Benefits of TeamComply:

  1. Interactive Challenges and Rewards: Children love challenges, and TeamComply is packed with them. From quizzes to puzzles, each activity is crafted to teach important compliance concepts by breaking complex instructions into a fun, interactive, and engaging way. The points children earn can be redeemed for e.g. Xbox, PS5, or a trip to Legoland. 
  2. Customizable Learning Paths with AI: Understanding that every child is unique, TeamComply offers customizable learning paths that cater to different ages, learning speeds, and interests which AI can further personalize.
  3. Parental and Educator Insights: TeamComply also provides valuable insights for parents and educators. It allows them to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and even participate in the learning journey. It fosters a supportive learning environment at home and in educational settings.
  4. Real World Compliance Standards: Practical content such as ISO27001, Cybersecurity policies, Anti-money laundering will also be offered to these children as they get a head-start in life. 

TeamComply’s CTO, Damon Widjaja adds,

“Besides offering platform features like interactive games, quizzes, and tutorials to make compliance training engaging and enjoyable for children, TeamComply’s core employs captivating storytelling as a key strategy for children to be more obedient, while immersing themselves in a world where their decisions impact the outcome. We can expect a generation of workforce in years to come where compliance is as easy as ABC!”

To address privacy concerns of children, parents are reminded to use only nicknames for their children, e.g. honeybear and little pea. All photos of faces are automatically filtered into cartoon characters. TeamComply welcomes partnerships with any compliance content providers and pilot testers. 

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