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Employee Engagement for an Aircraft Engineering Company Case Study

Case Study: An aircraft engineering company uses Gametize to engage employees, promote corporate values, and conduct safety training.








Achievements Unlocked

About The Client

The Aircraft Engineering Company is a renowned player in the global aircraft engineering and maintenance sector. It holds a prominent position as a leading provider of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services, boasting substantial operational capabilities. The Company is affiliated with the headquarters of a group located at an airport in Southeast Asia. It offers a comprehensive range of services including Airframe Services, Line Services, Technical Training, and more. Additionally, the Organization extends its technical training and examination services worldwide, catering to operators and stakeholders within the industry.

The Challenge

In 2019, the Company expanded the community to nearly 6,000 employees, making it challenging for the group to promote employee engagement within the community. The flow of information is one way from the company/department to the employee, which may have contributed to the lackluster employee engagement. Employees are not responding effectively to training events, and the company’s message may not be fully communicated to the staff, resulting in employees losing track of, interest, and participation in company events.

The Company also provides training to employees to promote a greater sense of overall safety awareness and compliance at work. Nevertheless, since most of the training is text-based, knowledge retention of the work procedure after the training was not ideal, which may result in common mistakes being made.

The management team wanted a better engagement solution via gamification that would allow them to gather information on one single platform and encourage greater staff engagement. Additionally, they wanted to gamify their training content, so staff could interact within the community and retain information by revisiting the Project and completing the challenges again. This was how they found Gametize.

Objectives & Goals

The client’s main goal was to promote corporate values and conduct safety training in a fun and engaging manner. It was important that the platform serves as a knowledge repository so that employees could learn and retain the knowledge learned in a fun and engaging way in the areas of safety or compliance, as well as to create an environment where the employees are driven to interact with the content and complete challenges. 

It was also the management’s goal to stimulate interest in various company/department activities/campaigns. It is important to keep the employee up to date with the latest activity/campaign.

Some metrics the Client’s project team planned to use to determine success included:

The following states their measurable goals for success:
  • At least 60% of users completed one challenge 
  • The number of users who completed the safety video recap 
  • At least 60% of the users completed safety-related challenges on a monthly basis
  • The number of users who completed challenge promoting staff/department/activities/campaign

Player Profile

The client focused on four different categories of users: age, education level, demographics and lifestyle. 

The age group is broadly divided into three groups:

  • 20 – 30 Years Old
  • 30 – 50 Years Old
  • 50 + Years Old 

Education Level 
Targeting users of varied educational levels. 

Approximately 80% of the targeted users are males and 20% are females. 

The lifestyle categories are split into two different groups:

  • Production staff who spend the majority of their time in base maintenance/ line services and are focused on first-line operations.
  • The employees who start work at 8 a.m. and some who work on the night shift/roster

Employees with different lifestyles will be able to explore each department’s job scope and build bonds with employees in other departments. It could also help employees identify what area they are interested in and the career they would like to pursue.

The Solution

1. Knowledge Check Quizzes

The company aims to develop a workplace where people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are respected and encouraged to collaborate and contribute to the company. The quizzes were created to enable employees to enhance their knowledge and create a diverse workplace.

2. Training Quizzes and Confirmation Challenge

Quiz and confirmation challenges are used to test employee knowledge and ensure that they have met the requirements for submission. 

The player is required to watch a video and click on the “instruction button” to complete the challenge. After which, the relevant Quiz challenge will be unlocked, allowing users to respond based on what they have learned.

The training materials are embedded in the challenges, making learning more enjoyable and interesting.

3. Achievements & Badges

Badges were awarded after employees embarked on their journey on the platform. These badges served as an engagement tool to drive employees to complete all challenges.

4. Rewards

Rewards served as a motivational tool to drive employees to complete all the challenges to earn points to redeem the rewards. 

A challenge was also created to understand the players’ reward interests in order to introduce rewards that pique their interest and encourage them to be more active on the platform. The rewards options were food/drinks hamper, shuttle bus coupon, coupon/gift card and other ideas contributed by the players. 

The Results

On launch day, the app had a high adoption rate with 350 players and 4,108 completions. However, the engagement rate started to decrease after the launch day to around 50 players. In order to address this issue, the management team developed various content to attract more players to the platform, including attractive rewards to motivate players to complete the challenge. Below are the current numbers.

What Went Well?

High Engagement Rate of 67%

The engagement rate of 67% exceeded the external benchmark of 15%. This demonstrated the high level of engagement through the platform in the workplace, with strong participation in the challenges that supported the acquisition of new skills that can be applied in or outside of the workplace.

Ease of accessibility via mobile device

Employees can access the training materials easily and learn in a fun way and interact with employees from other departments. They liked Gametize’s solution and they felt that the app was easy to use. 

The management team also made significant use of Gametize’s embed function, as it allows them to embed training material and videos easily, which created a seamless training experience. In addition, quiz challenges were mostly used to facilitate employees to complete the challenge and test their knowledge on the topic. 

Other Insights

Content in different languages

In the company, most employees speak Chinese and/or English, making it necessary for the content to be created in both languages. Content language is the language in which the content was created by Administrators and cannot be modified by players. To make it easier for players to understand, both English and Chinese text was included in the Project. 

Administrators can manage content and completions data easily in one topic when players participate in a topic in both languages rather than being segmented by topics based on language preferences (i.e. Creating a Chinese Language Topic and Challenges for Players who preferred viewing the content in the Chinese Language).

Verdict? Gametized!

With engagement rate over 67%, the numbers speak for themselves. 

With Gametize, the client was able to create a one-stop platform to disseminate information and training materials quickly and easily to the different departments. The app allowed employees access to learning materials, company information, club activities and challenges designed to improve the professional and personal development of the employees

With gamification mechanics such as interactive challenges, focus content, and points and rewards, employees were excited to complete the challenges and found the app easy to use.