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What is P&G Connect?

P&G Connect is an integrated app and it can be used across functionalities and events by customizing the content for the target audience. There are many features on the platform such as interactive challenges (including flashcards, quizzes, polls, photo challenge, video challenge, etc), Teams function, Leaderboard, Achievements badges, Rewards, and Analytics. Click on the link below to find out more:

Who can use P&G Connect?

P&G Connect is limited to P&G employees ONLY.

What can you gametize with P&G Connect?

  • Onboarding, Learning & Development, Compliance
  • Events, Teambuilding, Employee Engagement
  • Talent Acquisition, Virtual Internship
  • Campaigns for Wellness, transformation, customer engagement, surveys, and many more!

Try out the P&G Connect App

Download the P&G Connect App, or visit


P&G Connect is now a Partners Platform and is on a pay-per-project plan, pricing starts from US$1,000/month for a minimum of 100 users*, with complimentary training if requested.

*Pricing can be tailored based on requirements

Contact Us

Interested in using the P&G Connect Platform or have any questions? Fill in the form below or contact us at for a chat now!

e.g. onboarding new hires, team building event
e.g. Starting 12 March 2023, running for 2 months

Additional Resources: Learn more about Gametize

Gametize Cheatsheet

Visit to find out more!

Gametize Platform Demo

Let us show you how to create a game-like experience in less than 5 minutes! Click on the link below to find out how to Gametize anything in 5 minutes:

About Projects, Topics, Challenges and Flashcards

As an Admin, you have to start a project, create a topic, and add in content. Click on the link below to find out more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Gametize Community

We are here to build a friendly and vibrant environment, which encourages discussion and self-learning in your journey to becoming a Gametize Champion. Click on the link below to find out more about the Gametize Community: