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Implementation of Gametize in China

This page serves to update on the feasibility of in China, and the implementation of the Gametize Enterprise Platform in China. Here are some key notes:

//Important Update:

  • Gametize has started using TLS 1.3 (a newer security standard) for our ReactJS sites ( as well as servers hosting uploaded files (images/videos/etc).
  • As for our CMS/API servers, Gametize is still on TLS 1.2 but AWS will upgrade them to TLS 1.3 eventually.
  • TLS 1.3 is a security requirement for penetration tests and also in the security checklist for some clients.
  • TLS 1.3 is being blocked by China
  • To use a lower security standard, the client will require to be on an Enterprise Plan. This will require additional service hours. Otherwise, users may need to use VPN.
  • Any form of URL redirection/rewrite will not help with the issue.

1. Overview of Gametize’s Accessibility in China has not received any reports of being inaccessible in any regions, including China, for both the websites and native app. This can be verified through various benchmarking or test sites. We can also deploy Gametize Platform (Enterprise) in a China-based server which has minimally Tomcat and a SQL database, such as MySQL.

Users in China can access to the best of our knowledge even without VPN. There are some particular considerations for China, e.g. VPNs may not work or perform optimally; as such, is actually more reliable and accessible without using a VPN.

2. Infrastructure Setup in China

For absolute reliability and best performance for users in China to be able to access Gametize’s technology, it is recommended for the Gametize Platform (Enterprise) to be set up through AliCloud (also known as AliYun). Please note this approach will require either Gametize or the Client to have an Internet Content Provider License (ICP license). You can learn more on how to obtain an ICP License at also note that obtaining an ICP License may be time-consuming and complex, making it a costly process.

As of today, an ICP License is not required, since users can access Gametize from China, but this is a worthy approach if reliability and performance is a concern. Cost-wise, it is estimated that this infrastructure setup process minimally requires 50 Service Hours (USD$7,500) for Gametize to do the end-to-end setup, USD$300-$500/month for hosting (we are unable to give an accurate estimate as this is AliCloud’s pricing), and USD$100-USD$1,000/month for monthly maintenance (again, this is a vague estimate until clear requirements are established).

Gametize can segregate audiences in China from audiences in other regions, and can submit separate apps to the relevant app stores in China. Data collected within China will remain on its own separate server system (thus, there would be no synchronisation with external regions), while Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan will share a different external server. 

3. SSO/Integrations

There are additional considerations when implementing SSO/integrations with users in China; however, this can be discussed with the Client(s) upon project commencement/development.

4. Google Captcha and Google Map on Gametize

Gametize can migrate Google Recaptcha (current set-up) to another recaptcha/anti-spam provider that is supported within China. Gametize can migrate Google Maps to another Maps API (See that is supported in China.

5. Gametize’s Web and Desktop Mobile

Gametize’s web is powered by ReactJS and has no known issues in China. There are some changes required as follows:
  • Google PDF Reader for PDF embeds will be disabled.
  • Gametize can develop cross-origin request embeds support for videos/files.
  • Gametize can also can develop support for video embedding from China-hosted video service.
  • 6. Gametize’s iOS/Android Native Apps

    For iOS and Android, we can migrate Google Maps to another Maps API that is supported in China. We can develop support for video embedding from China-hosted video service.

    For App store options we can use iTunes App Store. As the Google Play Store is not available in China, we would recommend submitting the Gametize app or your white-label app to the top 5 App Stores by market share according to 

    • Tencent MyApp
    • 360 Mobile Assistant
    • Oppo Software Store
    • Baidu Mobile Assistant
    • Huawei App Market

    This initiative is still a work-in-progress so more updates will follow, and feedback is welcome.

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