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Gifting on Gametize Platform

Hey Gametize Creators, are you looking for rewards inspiration to incentivize your customers or employees? Here, we will share a few reward stores for your consideration: Smilie, Wogi, Grab Gifts, and Amazon Reward Store. Read on to find out how you can offer a variety of rewards and incentives that can be redeemed through the Gametize Platform. 

1. Smilie

Smilie is a tech-enabled gifting platform for companies to automate and manage all gifting needs. Users are able to pre-determine gifting occasions, budget and recipient lists within the platform to generate a curated list of gift options to their recipients. Recipients are given unique gifting links to select a gift from the curation provided without having to create user accounts. Smilie also takes care of the procurement and delivery of gifts on your behalf. To make gifting more meaningful, they also enable donation options for gifting.

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1. Wogi

Wogi is a digital provider of rewards as a service, enabling rewards, loyalty, and incentive programs in real-time for customers, employees, or channel partners via incentive payment products.

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3. GrabGifts

Gifts are digital gift cards that offer a fixed value discount off a Grab ride, food, or delivery booking. They are perfect for business occasions and can be used to delight customers, and even reward your employees.

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4. Amazon Incentives

The Amazon Gift Card API, which fuels Amazon Incentives, Amazon Cash, and in-store gift card purchases, provides a variety of gift card options for your business, ranging from physical to digital gift cards in nearly any denomination.

In conclusion, reward store integration is a versatile tool that can enhance your platform’s value proposition. By offering a variety of rewards and incentives through popular reward stores like Smilie, Wogi, Grab Gifts, and Amazon Incentives, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty. Interested in using any of these reward stores? Please reach out to us at These integrations can be enabled upon request, providing you with the flexibility to choose the best fit for your platform. Happy rewarding and stay tuned for more!