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Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng

An application designed to help experts and entrepreneurs learn how to get paid to speak. Powered by Gametize.

A Brief Look into Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng

Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng is an application based on a bestselling boot camp program. It guides individuals through the steps to secure paid speeches within a year. The application offers various features to support users on their journey, including interactive learning modules, opportunities to interact with other aspiring speaker, tools to track stage time and earn speaking opportunities, monthly challenges from professional speakers, and a ranking system to compete with the community. 

How do I use Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng?

Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng is split up into numerous quests in order to easily guide your journey to getting paid to speak.

The quests are as follows:

1. Quest 1 – 4: Bootcamp Day 1 

  • For the first day of the bootcamp, you will go through the first 4 quests. Throughout these quests, you will complete challenges, earn badges, win prizes and more. You will also be doing quizzes to test your knowledge from Bootcamp Day 1.

2. Quest 5 – 7: Bootcamp Day 2

  •  On the second day of the bootcamp, you will be completing quests 5 – 7. Within these quests, you will work embark on quizzes and exciting challenges. You can also win some prizes and badges so be sure to pay attention! 

3. Quests 8 – 10: Niche, Pitch & Speech Quests

  • This is about a series of quests focused on helping individuals find their niche, craft their paid speech, and market their speech effectively.

4. Quests 11 – 15: Special Quests

  • These special quests offer unique opportunities and incentives for participants to engage with the community and advance in their speaking journey.
*Note: Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng is an app that is focused for participants in the Get Paid To Speak Webclass.
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Where to play Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng

Get Paid To Speak by Eric Feng is available on iOS (Apple Store), Android (Google Playstore) and web. Visit the links below.

Do note that you must create a Gametize account to log in to the application. You may do so via our landing page.