Gametize Platform Specifications

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Example of a demo project:

1. Basic Plans

–        Free Plan: 1 Topic, Unlimited Topics, Limited Completions

–        Light Plan: 5 Topics, Unlimited Topics, Limited Completions

–        Regular Plan: 10 Topics, Unlimited Topics, Limited Completions

–        Premium Plan: Unlimited Topic, Unlimited Topics, Unlimited Completions


2. Enterprise Plans

–        Bronze Plan: 1 Project, Unlimited Topics, Unlimited Completions

–        Silver Plan: 1 Project, Unlimited Topics, Unlimited Completions

–        Gold Plan: 20 Projects, Unlimited Topics, Unlimited Completions


3. White-label and Native Mobile Applications (For Pilot Plan 2, Silver Plan, and Gold Plan)

–        Supported on iOS 7 and later

–        Supported on Samsung Galaxy Devices from Android 5.0 and later*

–        API for custom implementation of features in client applications

*Compatibility with all Android-based devices is not tested on non-Samsung Android-based devices, therefore Gametize is unable to guarantee full functionality on these devices


4. Mobile-responsive Web Interface

–        Users can access the project from a web URL

–        Supported in Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Safari 3+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 8+

–        Embeddable canvas for each project in external websites and Facebook fan page

–        Includes an URL for the live feed of activities

*The web application will be a companion platform with feature limitations including the absence of completing QR code challenges and push notification function.


5. Summary of User Experience on Gametize-powered Solution

–        Users can access projects/topics on Web/Mobile after logging in

–        Each topic will consist of content in form of challenges and flashcards

–        Users can unlock new challenges by completing existing ones

–        Users can unlock new topics based after completing existing ones

–        Users can redeem rewards with the points earned

–        Users can earn achievements based on triggers configured by admins

–        Users can view newsfeed of activities, leaderboard of top players

6. User Profile Module

–        Users can follow and connect with other users

–        Users can view their own, or other’s submissions (completed challenges)

–        Users can view their own, or other’s earned points and achievements (e.g. badges)

–        Users can view their progress in the mission (e.g. 3/16 challenges completed)


7. Project Module

–        A Project is a group of topics with a general theme – e.g. “English Language Game”

–        User can be presented with the points, rewards they earned in individual projects

–        Users can view the scoreboard in individual/team topic

–        Admins can create, modify, publish, and un-publish all projects


8. Topic Module (“Group of Content” Modules)

–        A Topic is a group of multiple content parts such as challenges and flashcards with a general theme – e.g. “Level 1: Introductory challenges”

–        Admins can create, modify, publish, and un-publish all topics


9. Content Module (Challenges and Flashcards)

–        A piece of content can be presented as a challenge or a flashcard.


Interactive Challenge

–        An Interactive challenge is an action item for users to interact through the app interface

–        Submissions/answers to a challenge are termed as ‘completions’.

–        Challenges may be created with preset publish and expiry date/time

–        Users can complete challenges through the following methods:

–        Standard (users complete by submitting text or photos)

–        Secret Answer (users complete without revealing their submissions)

–        Photo (users complete by uploading a relevant photo)

–        Quiz (users complete by selecting a correct multiple-choice answer)

–        Multiple-Score Quiz (users can earn different scores for different answers)

–        Multiple-Try Quiz (users can try the questions again)

–        Poll (users can select one or multiple answers to a poll question)

–        Prediction (users complete by selecting a possible outcome)

–        Fixed-answer (users complete by entering a correct answer)

–        Referral Challenges (users can earn points if they bring new users, web-based only)

–        QR Codes (users complete by scanning a QR code, mobile-based only)

–        Validation (users enter a user-unique code that is generated by the administrator)

–        Multi-field Challenges (A single challenge with multiple inputs, including text, multiple choices)

–        Additional challenge types might be introduced through system updates anytime during licensing period

–        Users can vote for submissions by other users

–        Users can comment on submissions and challenges


Custom Behavior Challenge (Challenges activated by API calls)

–     A Behavior challenge is a challenge for users to complete through non-app interfaces

–     A Behavior challenge is completed when the system tracks specified digital behaviors, and updates the Gametize platform automatically (for e.g. logging in, commenting)



–        A Flashcard is an informational element that can be displayed or unlocked with other challenges

–        Users can vote and comment on Flashcards.


All Content:

–        Admins can embed a Youtube or Vimeo video to all challenges/flashcards

–        Admins can assign location data to all challenges/flashcards

–        Admins can create, modify, publish, and unpublish all challenges/flashcards


10. Rewards Module

Rewarding of points to user through:

– Completing challenges

– Votes for their completions

– Points are used for 2 purposes broadly: Leaderboard and Redemptions from a Reward store

– Administrators are able define rewards and quantity of rewards in an admin dashboard

– Users are able to redeem rewards added by the administrator with the points they have earned

– The system will debit from the inventory, and allows for tracking of physical redemptions from users


11. Moderation and Analytics Module (For Admins Only)

– Admins can delete submissions and comments

– Admins can reward additional 50 bonus points to specific submissions by voting

– Admins can view analytics (e.g. application hits, overall posts, most active users)

– Admins can remove users from a project/topic

– Admins can download analytics reports (eg. Users in project, Challenges Completion)


12. Infrastructure Setup and Services Disclaimer

The Gametize License Agreement serves to outline the core specifications and IP of Gametize Platform. It is an independent agreement and does not include infrastructure setup and other services stated in other agreements (e.g. quotations), including server hosting, customizations, consulting, and design works.