Native White-Label App

Our native white-label app reskins the Gametize platform with your own customizable branding and is available on iOS and Android devices.
To view our white-label apps, check out our developer account on the App Store and Play Store.
Looking for our non-native white-label interface guide?
If you’ve been having a chat with us and are building a non-native white-label app, take a look at our non-native guide here.

Guide & Templates

Follow our detailed guide and download our app templates so you'll know what to prepare.

Our native white-label apps

Selfiely (iOS)
Native iOS White-Label App
GetSmart English (Android)
Native Android White-Label App

More white-label resources

If you have more questions that weren’t addressed here, read up on our knowledge base on white-label features here or get in touch with us using the form below.
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